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These pages contain documents and recordings associated with City meetings. If a meeting does not appear on this list, there are no documents available yet for that meeting. Please refer to the City Calendar for full details about any City meeting. If you experience any difficulty while viewing a video, please complete a website Citizen Request so we can resolve it promptly.

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06/01/17 Sister Cities Commission Sister Cities Agenda, Minutes, and Concert Schedule
06/01/17 Youth Commission Youth Commission Agenda
Minutes - June 1, 2017
05/31/17 City Council Seventh Ward Aldermanic Candidate Interviews Video
Candidates Letters of Interest and Resumes
Questions for candidates (sample)
Draft Minutes 5 31 2017 Candidate Interviews 7th Ward
05/25/17 Community Health Commission Community Health Commission AGENDA
Draft Minutes 04 27 2017
Approved Minutes 05 25 2017
05/24/17 Appearance Commission Appearance Commission Appearance Agenda May 2017
DraftMinutes Apr2017
Front Elevations May2017
Approved May 2017 Minutes
05/23/17 Planning & Zoning Commission Planning & Zoning Commission Video
P Z Agenda 5 23 2017
17 TA 10 (site plan expiration) Staff Report
P Z Approved Minutes 05 23 2017
05/22/17 Committee of the Whole (ALL) Committee of the Whole (Finance / Public Works / Procedures & Regulations) Video
FY18 Budget Amendment for Bike Path Project
Purchase Order for bike racks for Summit Metra Station
HR Monthly Report - May 2017
Approval of the 2017 Prevailing Wage Rate Ordinance
Citation Management Rejection of Bids
FY17 Year-End Budget Transfers and Amendments
Purchase Order Increase for HELP
Approve a Contract Extension for Fire Department Uniforms
Cook County Minimum Wage and Sick Leave
Emails & Letters-Cook County Minimum Wage and Sick Leave Opt Out
City Intiated Zoning Amendments
CP&D Activity Report for Apr 2017
Potential Upcoming P R Agenda Items
Statements Regarding Minimum Wage / Sick Leave Opt-Out
Approved Minutes
05/22/17 Mayor's Advisory Board Mayor's Advisory Board AGENDA
Appearance Comm Candidate Applications (3)
APPROVED MAB 5 22 2017 mins
05/22/17 Animal Commission Animal Commission Meeting AGENDA
Draft Minutes 04 24 17
Approved Minutes 05 22 2017
05/17/17 O'Hare Airport Commission O'Hare Airport (OAC) In the News: Volumn 4, Issue 3
05/16/17 Library Board of Trustees Library Board of Trustees Meeting AGENDA
05/15/17 City Council City Council Video
Approve a FY17 purchase order for grant related expenses wih University of Illinois, Office of Grants and Contracts
Proclamation - National Safe Boating Week
DRAFT Minutes 5 8 2017 COW
One year extension to Elm Tree Injection Program, Kinnucan Tree Experts
One year extension to Tree and Stump Removal Contract, Trees "R" Us
Final Approval of Ordinance Establishing 2017 Mandatory Sidewalk Replacement List
FY17 Warrants-Period Ending 5/14/2017
FY18 Warrants-Period Ending 5/15/2017
Proclamation-National Historic Preservation Month
DRAFT Minutes 4 24 2017 COW
Proclamation - National Public Works Week
DRAFT Minutes 5 1 2017 City Council Meeting (REV)
APPROVED CC Minutes 5 15 2017
05/15/17 Mayor's Advisory Board Mayor's Advisory Board MAB Packet 5 15 2017
MAB Approved minutes 5 15 2017
05/10/17 Bike Task Force Bike Task Force Agenda (rev)
Minutes - May 10, 2017
05/09/17 Planning & Zoning Commission Planning & Zoning Video
PZ AGENDA 05 09 2017
17 11 PD Concept 1440 Higgins Rd
PZ Signed Minutes 05 09 2017
05/09/17 Heritage Committee Heritage Committee Minutes / Heritage Committee 5 9 17
05/09/17 Human Needs Task Force Human Needs Task Force Agenda
Minutes - May 9, 2017
05/08/17 Committee of the Whole(Public Works/Public Safety) Committee of the Whole (Public Works / Public Safety) Video
One-year exrension to contract for Elm Tree Injection Program
One-year extension to contract for Tree and Stump Removal
Mandatory Sidewalk Replacement Ordinance
Police Monthly Report - April 2017
Approve a FY17 purchase order for University of Illinois, Office of Grants and Contracts in the amout of $17,000
Police Complimentary Letters - April 2017
Red Speed Monthy Report - April 2017
Citizen Corp Volunteer Report - April 2017
Community Advisory Board Minutes - April 07, 2017
Approved Minutes 5 8 2017
05/03/17 Historic Preservation Commission Historic Preservation Commission Agenda 5 3 2017
LD 17 01 721 N Prospect (Solomon Cottage)
LD 17 02 733 N Prospect (Wohlers and Emery)
Approved May 2017 Minutes
05/01/17 City Council City Council Video
Proclamation - Keller Williams RED Day
Proclamation - Municipal Clerks Week
Proclamation - Buddy Poppy Days
FY18 Blanket Purchase Order
DRAFT City Council Minutes 4 17 2017
Warrants-Period Ending 4/30/2017
Proclamation-National Police Week
Resolution - Approve Director and Alternate Director of SWANCC
Proclamation - Crossing Guards Appreciation Day
Approve appointments to Boards and Commissions / Civil Service and Board of Fire and Police
Approve Zoning Amendments for Short Term Rentals
Approve a One Year Contract Extension for K Plus
APPROVED Minutes 5 1 2017 CC mins
04/27/17 Community Health Commission Community Health Commission AGENDA
Draft Minutes 03 16 2017
Approved Minutes 04 27 2017
04/27/17 Youth Commission Park Ridge Youth Commission Agenda
Minutes - April 27, 2017
04/26/17 Appearance Commission Appearance Commission Apperance Agenda April 2017
Draft Minutes March 2017
Memo 4 2017
Front Elevations Renderings April 2017
Approved April 2017 Minutes
04/24/17 Committee of the Whole (Finance/Procedures & Reg) Committee of the Whole (Finance / Procedures & Regulations) Video
HR Monthly Report
Approve a One Year Contract for KPlus
Approve Zoning Amendments and Registration for Short Term Rentals
Discuss Potential Ordinance to Limit infill at Murphy Lake
Process of filling an Aldermanic Vacancy
Potential Procedures + Regulations Agenda Items 4/2017
FY18 Blanket Purchase Order
Approved Minutes
04/24/17 Animal Commission Animal Commission AGENDA
Draft Minutes 03 06 17
Approved Minutes 04 24 2017
Results: 2634 Meeting(s) Found.
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