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These pages contain documents and recordings associated with City meetings. If a meeting does not appear on this list, there are no documents available yet for that meeting. Please refer to the City Calendar for full details about any City meeting. If you experience any difficulty while viewing a video, please complete a website Citizen Request so we can resolve it promptly.

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Results: 2634 Meeting(s) Found.

Date Categories Meeting Name Attachments
07/27/05 Zoning Ordinance Committee Zoning Committee Minutes 7-27-05.pdf
10/26/05 Zoning Committee Meeting, City Hall Zoning Committee Minutes 7-27-05.pdf
11/09/05 Zoning Committee Meeting, City Hall Zoning Committee Minutes 11-9-05.pdf
09/21/05 Zoning Committee Meeting, City Hall Zoning Committee Minutes 9-21-05.pdf
03/01/07 Zoning Committee Meeting Zon-Comm-Agenda.pdf
04/19/06 Zoning Committee Meeting Zon-Comm-Memo-4-19-2006.pdf
02/22/06 Zoning Committee Meeting Camiros- Volume Control & Density Report 2-15-06.pdf
Staff Memo 2-22-06.pdf
11/29/06 Zoning Committee Zon-Comm-Agenda.pdf
01/04/07 Zoning Committee Zon-Comm-Agenda.pdf
10/25/06 Zoning Committee Zon-Comm-Agenda.pdf
03/22/06 Zoning Committee Zon-Comm-Minutes-03-08-06.pdf
Zon-Comm-Agenda 3 22 06.pdf
10/11/06 Zoning Committee Zon-Comm-Agenda.pdf
03/08/06 Zoning Committee zcagenda.pdf
12/19/06 Zoning Committee Zon-Comm-Agenda.pdf
11/09/06 Zoning Committee Zon-Comm-Agenda.pdf
05/10/06 Zoning Committee Camiros - Misc Final Issues 4-12-06.pdf
11/21/06 Zoning Committee Zon-Comm-Agenda.pdf
12/13/06 Zoning Committee Zon-Comm-Agenda.pdf
11/02/06 Zoning Committee Zon-Comm-Agenda.pdf
01/31/07 Zoning Committee Zon-Comm-Agenda.pdf
01/11/07 Zoning Committee Zon-Comm-Agenda.pdf
01/16/07 Zoning Committee Zon-Comm-Agenda.pdf
10/27/05 Zoning Board of Appeals Zoning Board of Appeals, City Hall ZBA Minutes 10-27-05.pdf
04/22/10 Zoning Board of Appeals Zoning Board of Appeals Workshop Agenda
ZBA Approved Minutes 4 22 10
02/25/10 Zoning Board of Appeals Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Meeting agenda 2 25 2010
Results: 2634 Meeting(s) Found.
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