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11/20/13 O'Hare Airport Commission O'Hare Airport Commission AGENDA
September 18, 2013 DRAFT OAC Minutes
10 8 2013 Correia Re: Residential in BMJ
10 8 2013 Hansell Re: Aircraft in BMJ
10 08 2013 Stansfeld Re: Airport Noise in BMJ
11/19/13 City Council Special City Council Meeting Approved Minutes- Sign Ord
First Reading of an Ordinance for Text Amendments to Section 14 (Signs), Section 16 (Definitions) and Section 4 (Applications and Approval Process) of the Zoning Ordinance, Zoning Case Number TA-13-02
11/18/13 Committee of the Whole (Finance/Procedures & Reg) Special Finance & Budget Committee of the Whole AGENDA
Special Finance Committee of the Whole Minutes
Documents for Proposed 2013 Property Tax Levy
Audio Part 1 of 2
Audio Part 2 of 2
11/18/13 City Council City Council Approved CC Meeting Minutes 11 18 2013
DRAFT Minutes - Regular City Council Meeting 11 04 2013
Draft COW Minutes 11 11 2013
Video for Council and COW
Appointments to Boards and Commissions
First Reading Map Amendment & Special Use Stage 1 Planned Development for New Park Facility at 733 N Prospect, Zoning Case MA-13-04 & PD-13-04
Purchase Order Increase; Tree Removals
Ordinance Modification; Traffic
Purchase Order; Fuel
Ordinance Modifications; Transient Businesses; Add a new Chapter, #18, regarding Scavengers
Paid Warrant Report - November 15, 2013
Revised FY14Library Capital Projects Budget
Resolution; Refunding Series 2004B Bonds
Ordinance modification ; Utility Billing Rates
11/18/13 Mayor's Advisory Board Mayor's Advisory Board Approved 11 18 2013 MAB Minutes
Meeting Applicant Information Packet
11/14/13 Youth Commission Park Ridge Youth Commission AGENDA
MINUTES-draft 101013
11/12/13 Planning & Zoning Commission Planning & Zoning AGENDA
Minutes and Finding of Facts 10/22/2013
Map Amendment and Stage 1 Planned Development for 205 W Touhy, Case No. MA-13-05 and PD-13-03
11/12/13 Heritage Committee Heritage Committee Heritage Committee Minutes DRAFT 11 12 2013
11/12/13 Human Needs Task Force Human Needs Task Force AGENDA
11/11/13 Committee of the Whole(Public Works/Public Safety) Committee of the Whole (Public Works / Public Safety) AGENDA
Draft Minutes - Committee of the Whole - October 28, 2013
Purchase Order Increase and Budget Transfer for tree removals
Revisions to Articles 13-12-4 and 13-11-1, Traffic
Purchase Order for fuel, Avalon Petroleum
Presentation on Phase 1 Flood Reduction Studies
Modifications to Article 12 Chapter 1 and Adding a New Chapter 18 of the Municipal Code Regarding Scavengers
Police Department Monthly Report - October 2013
Police Department Complimentary Letters - October 2013
Red Speed Report - October 2013
Keepin It Real Burglary Presentation
National Incident Management System (NIMS) Compliance and Required Training
Fire Department Monthly Report-October 2013
Fire Department Complimentary Letters-Oct 2013
Library Capital Projects
Approve Refunding of Park Ridge Series 2004B Bonds
Approve Modification to 11-1-9 UB Rates
December 2013 Tax Levy Discussion
Audio Part 1 of 2
Audio Part 2 of 2
11/06/13 Historic Preservation Commission Historic Preservation Commission AGENDA 11-6-2013
Draft Minutes 9-11-2013
11/04/13 City Council City Council Video
Draft CC Minutes 10 21 2013
Dr. Lichman - Biography
Dr Barbara Lichman - Buchalter Nemer Law Corporation
Sergeants Interest Arbitration Award
Youth Campus
Whole Foods Update - Grand Opening
Easement and Indemnification Agreement with Whole Foods
Oct 30 2013 Paid Warrants and Wire Transfers
Call One
FY13 Budget Amendment - Uptown Tif, Police Pension & Firefighters' Pension
Audio Part 1 of 2
Audio Part 2 of 2
Approved Minutes 11 4 2013 City Council Meeting
11/04/13 Mayor's Advisory Board Mayor's Advisory Board Approved MAB Minutes 11 4 2013
Draft Minutes 10 14 2013
10/29/13 Foreign Fire Tax Board FFTB Meeting
10/28/13 Board of Fire and Police Commissioners Board of Fire & Police Commissioners BPFC Agenda 10-28-2013
10/28/13 Committee of the Whole (Finance/Procedures & Reg) Committee of the Whole (Finance / Procedures & Regulations) AGENDA
Commitee of the Whole Minutes - October 28, 2013
Purchase Order Increase - Call One
FY13 Budget Transfer from General Liability Claims to Workers Compensation Claims
FY13 Budget Amendment – Uptown TIF, Police Pension, and Firefighters’ Pension
Library Capital Projects
Update on Remote Reads
FY15 Utility Billing Rates
Dedicated Sewer Crew
City Tax Abatements
Bond Resolution
Department Head Update
Revenue and Expenditure Report
Police and Fire Pensions Actuary Update
Update - Union Employees
ADP Payroll Update
Staffing Memo
ADP Project Financial Update
Finance Director
Water Supply Supervisor
Whole Foods Market Easement Agreement
Council Policy Statement 36 - Use of City Property
City Manager Evaluation
Sign Ordinance Text Amendment Update
Special Events Policy
Weekly Info for 10/28/2013
10/28/13 Animal Commission Animal Commission Agenda
Approved Minutes - 10 28 2013
Draft Mintues - 10 21 2013
10/24/13 Community Health Commission Community Health Commission AGENDA
Draft Minutes 08 22 2013
Approved Minutes 10 22 2013
10/24/13 Zoning Board of Appeals Zoning Board of Appeals AGENDA
Draft Minutes (September 26, 2013)
Approved minutes from August 2013
10/23/13 Appearance Commission Appearance Commission Meeting AGENDA
Staff Memo
Approved Minutes October 2013
10/22/13 Planning & Zoning Commission Planning & Zoning Commission AGENDA 10-22-13
Draft Minutes from September 24, 2013
Draft Minutes from October 8, 2013
PUBLIC HEARING on Map Amendment and Stage 1 Planned Development for a Youth Campus at 733 N Prospect Avenue, Case MA-13-05 & PD-13-04
PUBLIC HEARING on Text Amendment to Section 14.11 Permanent Signs and Section 16 Definitions regarding canopy signs. Continued discussion on Section 14 Signs, Case Number TA-13-02
10/22/13 Board of Fire and Police Commissioners Board of Fire and Police Commissioners Agenda
Draft BFPC minutes 9-12-2013
10/21/13 City Council City Council Approved Minutes 10 21 2013 CC Meeting
DRAFT CC Minutes 10 7 2013
Draft Minutes - Committee of the Whole Meeting – October 14, 2013
Des Plaines River Watershed
Modifications to Article 12, Chaptre 6 regarding Class E, Class E-2, and Class M Liquor Licenses
Purchase Order Approval for Rock Salt
Purchase Order Approval for Unleaded Fuel
Purchase Order Increase for 2013 Street Program
Contract and Purchase Order Approval for 12 Fire Hydrants
Budget Amendments for Fire Dept Grants & Police Materials
Paid Warrant Report - 10/15/2013
10 21 2013 Weekly Packet/Calendars/Agendas/News
10/21/13 Animal Commission Animal Commission Agenda
Draft Minutes 09 30 2013
Approved Minutes 10 21 2013
10/18/13 Foreign Fire Tax Board AGENDA
Approved Minutes 10 29 2013
Results: 2106 Meeting(s) Found.
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