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These pages contain documents and recordings associated with City meetings. If a meeting does not appear on this list, there are no documents available yet for that meeting. Please refer to the City Calendar for full details about any City meeting. If you experience any difficulty while viewing a video, please complete a website Citizen Request so we can resolve it promptly.

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Date Categories Meeting Name Attachments
03/12/13 Chief's Advisory Task Force Chief's Advisory Task Force Agenda
Draft Minutes 02 12 2013
Approved Minutes 3 12 2013
03/12/13 Heritage Committee Heritage Committee Minutes of 3 12 2013
03/12/13 Human Needs Task Force Human Needs Task Force AGENDA
03/11/13 Committee of the Whole (Finance/Procedures & Reg)
Committee of the Whole(Public Works/Public Safety)
Committee of the Whole (Public Works / Public Safety / Finance& Budget) AGENDA
Approved Minutes 3 11 2013
Budget Transfer for Sewer LIning
PO Increase and Budget Transfer for refuse disposal
PO Increase and Budget Transfer for watermain repairs
Red Speed Report - February 2013
Police Department - Monthly Report - February 2013
Police Department - Complimentary Letters - February 2013
Draft Minutes - Chief's Advisory Task Force - 02 21 2013
Town Hall Meeting - March 13, 2013
Resolution Authorizing Intergovernmental Agreement for Mutual Aid Billing
Ordinance Amending Municipal Code 20-5-1 Regarding Ambulance Billing
Rejection of Fire Department Pumper Truck Bids, Bid FD12 -01
NIPSTA 2012 Annual Report-2013 Budget
Fire Department-Monthly Report-February 2013
Fire Department-Complimentary Letter- February 2013
Budget Amendment to Increase Uptown TIF
Agreement Details for IUOE Local 150
IUOE Local 150 - Table A
03/11/13 City Council Special City Council Meeting Special Meeting of City Council 3-11-2013
Warrant List Period Ending 2-27-2013
Approved Minutes 03 11 2013 of the Special Meeting
03/07/13 Mayor's Advisory Board Mayor's Advisory Board AGENDA (Revised)
03/06/13 Historic Preservation Commission Historic Preservation Commission Agenda
Historic Preservation Draft Minutes 2.6.2013
HP Approved Minutes March 6, 2013
03/06/13 Flood Control Task Force Flood Control Task Force Minutes 3 6 2013
Draft Minutes 9 19 2012
03/05/13 City Council Budget Workshop Budget Workshop Agenda 3-5-2013 Budget Workshop
Approved Minutes
Shared Services
Transfers (fund to fund)
TIF Projections
03/04/13 City Council City Council Video
Approved Council Minutes March 4, 2013
Draft Minutes 3-25-2013 COW Meeting
DRAFT City Council Minutes 02 18 2013
Proclamation - Summit of Uptown Celebrating 30 years
Real Estate Closing of 463D Summit
SWANCC Resolution
Economic Development Goals for Park Ridge
Modification to 12-6-7, Application for [Liquor] License
Electrical Aggregation Resolution
Taste of Park Ridge
Approval of Tree Removal Contract
Purchase Order for fuel
Extension to Water Meter and Supply Contract
Purchase Order Increase for vehicle parts- Leach Ent
Approval of Fire Department Zoll Monitors/Defibrillators
Paid Warrant Report - 2/27/2013
Purchase Order Increase of $8,000 to Ament, Inc.
Black Box Network Services
Telecommunications-CallOne-Wide Open West
Final Reading Modifications to Municipal Code 11-1-9
03/04/13 City Council Mayoral State of City Address Video
State of the City Address
Meeting Notice
03/04/13 Animal Commission Animal Commission Agenda 03 04 2013
Approved Minutes 03 04 2013
Draft Minutes 02 25 2013
02/28/13 Zoning Board of Appeals Zoning Board of Appeals AGENDA
Draft Minutes for January 24, 2013
Staff Memo for V-13-01 5 N Wisner Street
ZBA Info Packet for V-13-01 5 N Wisner Street
ZBA Approved Minutes 2.28.2013
02/28/13 Community Health Commission Community Health Commission AGENDA 02 28 2013
Draft Minutes 01 24 2013
Approved Minutes 02 28 2013
02/28/13 City Council Budget Workshop Budget Workshop AGENDA
Approved Minutes
2013 2 25 FY14 Budget Workshop Schedule
Contracting and Materials
Debt Service
Capital Plan
Motor Vehicle Replacement Fund
Information Technology Replacement Fund
Library Replacement Fund
02/26/13 Planning & Zoning Commission Planning & Zoning Commission Agenda
P&Z Draft Minutes for 2.12.2013
Packet Info for 303 S Northwest Hwy PD-13-02
02/26/13 Board of Fire and Police Commissioners Board of Fire and Police Commissioners AGENDA
MINUTES 1-22-13
02/25/13 Committee of the Whole (Finance/Procedures & Reg)
Committee of the Whole(Public Works/Public Safety)
Committee of the Whole (FB/PR/PW) AGENDA
Approved Minutes Committee of the Whole 2-25-2013
Approval of Forestry Contract for Tree Removal (Steve Piper & Son)
Purchase Order Approval - Avalon Petroleum
Approval of Contract Extension, Water Meter and Supply Contract
Purchase Order Increase - Leach Enterprises
Telecom System Purchase w Black Box Network
Budget Amendment for telecom services; PO Increase Call One; PO for WideOpenWest
Modification to 12-6-7: Application for Liquor License
Resolution to Approve 1stAmend w MC Squared
Taste of Park Ridge Services Contract
Economic Development Goals for the City of Park Ridge
Extension of City Manager's Contract
02/25/13 Animal Commission Animal Commission Agenda
Approved Minutes 02 25 2013
Draft Minutes 01 14 2013
02/21/13 Sister Cities Commission Sister Cities AGENDA
02/21/13 Appearance Commission Appearance Commission AGENDA
Draft Minutes for January 17, 2013
Staff Memo 2-21-2013
Approved Minutes for February 2013
02/20/13 O'Hare Airport Commission O'Hare Airport Commission AGENDA
CDA Response Letter to Rep. Schakowsky
Articles - Organizing Against New Runways
02/20/13 Youth Commission Park Ridge Youth Commission AGENDA
02/19/13 City Council Budget Workshop Budget Workshop AGENDA
Approved Minutes
Budget Workshop Materials
02/18/13 City Council City Council AGENDA
Approved Minutes CC Mtg 2 8 2013
Draft Minutes - 2 4 2013 CC Meeting
Approve First Reading of Ordinance Amending Article 11
Revised Draft Minutes - 2 11 2013 COW Meeting
Acting City Manager - Goals & Objectives
City of Park Ridge – Safe City Ranking
Human Resources Update
Update on 463D Summit and City Lien
Staff Memo and Draft Ordinance for Variances to Allow Wall Signage above 10 feet, signage not facing a public street and a wall sign 300 square feet in area at 1 S Northwest Hwy and 225 W Touhy Avenue V-12-07
Modifications to Section 14, Signs, of the Zoning Ordinance and other impacted Sections
Purchase Order Approval, Bell Fuels
Purchase Order Increases, Vulcan Materials
Purchase Order Increase, Ziebell Water Service Products
Purchase Order Increase, Sunset Logistics
Resolution - 911 Answering and Dispatch Services
Paid Warrant Report - 1-30-2013
Paid Warrant Report - 2-15-2013
Approve Purchase Order to Hire Temporary Accounting Clerk
Results: 1983 Meeting(s) Found.
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