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These pages contain documents and recordings associated with City meetings. If a meeting does not appear on this list, there are no documents available yet for that meeting. Please refer to the City Calendar for full details about any City meeting. If you experience any difficulty while viewing a video, please complete a website Citizen Request so we can resolve it promptly.

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Date Categories Meeting Name Attachments
03/31/14 City Council Budget Workshop Budget Workshop Approved Minutes 3 31 2014
2A.Finance Director Report
2B.Final Fund Balance Scorecard
2C.Final Summary Budget
2D. Final FY16 & FY17 Fund Projections & Projected 2014 Levy
Library Capital Plan Carryover Memo presented at 3/31/14 meeting
03/28/14 Foreign Fire Tax Board AGENDA
03/27/14 Community Health Commission Community Health Commission AGENDA - No Quorum
Draft Minutes 02 27 2014
03/27/14 Sister Cities Commission Sister Cities AGENDA
03/26/14 Appearance Commission Appearance Commission Meeting Agenda
DraftMinutes February 2014
Approved Minutes Feb 2014
Approved Minutes March 2014
03/25/14 Planning & Zoning Commission Planning & Zoning Commission P&Z Agenda
P&Z Minutes
Staff Report: PD-13-04 Planned Development-Stage 2 Development Plan
Staff Report: MA-14-02 & SP-14-01 Map Amendment & Site Plan Review
Map Amendment from the B-2 District to the R-4 District at 200 N. Northwest Highway and Site Plan Review for a New Townhouse Residental Development at 200 N. Northwest Highway
Planned Development- Stage 2 Development Plan: Case Number PD-13-04 733 N. Prospect Ave
733 N. Prospect- Applicant's Letter
Letter- Proposed ReZoning of Single Residence Property
Letter From Resident
Letter- Townhomes on Northwest Highway
Letter From Resident
Letter From Resident
Letter From Resident
Letter From Resident
Approved Mintues from March 25, 2014
03/24/14 Committee of the Whole (Finance/Procedures & Reg) Committee of the Whole (Finance / Procedures & Regulations) Approved Minutes 3 24 2014
Approve Street Resurfacing Contract, Arrow Road Construction
Purchase Order Approval for fuel, Al Warren
Purchase Order Increase, Leach Enterprises
Purchase Order Increase, Golf Mill Ford
Purchase Order Approval for emergency sewer main repair, DiMeo Brothers
Approve modifications to Art 2 Ch 5 Corporate Seal, Emblems & Policies; Ethics Provisions
Resolution Authorizing Delegate and Alternate Delegate to NIPSTA Board of Directors
Ordinance modifications to Article 15 & 19 / General Powers & Duites and Signs and Canopies
Ordinance creating re-inspection fees
Procurement Update
Illinois Policy Institute Sunshine Award
Approve Bid Award for Concrete Replacement for Fire Training Tower to Marvel Construction Company, 5150 N Pittsburgh Ave., Norridge, IL 60706 and Purchase Order for $23,625.00
Approve the PO for Nationwide Retirement Solutions and Budget Transfer
Human Resources - Union Update
Human Resources - Staffing Changes / Update
Economic Development Coordinator proposal
Fiscal Year 14 to 15 Carryover
FY16 & FY17 Projections
December 2014 Tax Levy Forecast
03/19/14 City Council Budget Workshop Budget Workshop Meeting Approved Minutes Budget Meeting 3 19 2014
AGENDA - Budget Workshop 3 19 2014
Draft Minutes / Budget Meeting / Feb. 18 2014
3A FY 15 Budget Workshop Schedule
3B Shared Services Adjustments
3C Emergency Cots
3D Library Contribution to Internal Service Funds
3E Impact of Year End Acct on FY13 Fund Balance Memo
3F Aldermen Requests 2015
3GA City Manager Memo - Personnel Update
3GB Organizational Changes Chart
3GC Non-Union Merit Breakouts
3GD Comparable Salary Information
3GE 1 Economic Development Coordinator Job Description
3GE 2 Economic Development Coordinator Goals
3GF Memorandum - Compensation Policies
3GF Compensation Policies Information
3H Arcade Electricity
3I Fund Balance Scorecard
4 FY14 FY15 Revenue Update
5 FY14 to FY15 Carry Over
03/19/14 City Council City Council Approved CC Minutes 3 19 2014
Budget Workshop Minutes - February 18, 2014
DRAFT City Council minutes March 3 2014
DRAFT COW minutes March 8 2014
DRAFT COW minutes March 10, 2014
TIF Report
TIF Report Email Communication 2
Electrical Aggregation Third Year Pricing Update
Board and Commission Appointments
Council Policy 36 - Use of City Facilities
Class E Liquor License
Intergovernmental Agreement with MWRD
Public Utility Easement Agreement with Park District
Engineering Services proposal for Northwest Park detention basin
First Reading of Ordinance for 30 minute parking zone on Brophy
Brophy Higgins Parking Exhibit
Warrant List - 3/15/2014
03/19/14 Mayor's Advisory Board Mayor's Advisory Board Approved MAB Minutes 3 19 2014
Mayor's Advisory Board Packet 3 19 2014
03/13/14 Youth Commission Park Ridge Youth Commission AGENDA
03/11/14 City Council Budget Workshop Budget Workshop AGENDA
Approved BW Minutes 3 11 2014
Fund Balance Scorecard
Shared Services Adjustments
Emergency Cots
Library Contribution
Personnel Update
Aldermen Requests
Impact of Year End Accounting on FY13 Fund Balance
Revenue Update
FY14 to FY15 Carryover
Future Projections - Funds Without Property Taxes
03/11/14 Planning & Zoning Commission Planning & Zoning Agenda
Case # MA-14-01, Case # MA-14-02, Case # SP-14-01
Site Plans for 200 Meacham Ave & 200 N. Northwest Highway
Approved Minutes from Planning and Zoning March 11,2014 Meeting
03/11/14 Heritage Committee Heritage Committee Heritage Committee Minutes March 11, 2014
03/11/14 Human Needs Task Force Human Needs Task Force AGENDA
03/10/14 Committee of the Whole (Finance/Procedures & Reg)
Committee of the Whole(Public Works/Public Safety)
Committee of the Whole (Public Works / Public Safety / Procedures & Regulations) Approved Minutes 3 10 2014
15 Minute Parking on Brophy
Public Utility Easement Agreement
Contract Extension for Water Service Supplies
AT&T U-verse Update
Alternate Water Supply Update
Purchase Order Increase - Police Uniform Purchases
Police Dispatch Proposal
Police Department Annual Report
Police Department Monthly Report - February 2014
Red Speed Report - February 2014
Police Department Complimentary Letters - February 2014
Citizens Patrol Activity Report 2013
Fire Department Monthly Report-February 2014
Fire Department Complimentary Letter
Modifications to Ethics Ordinance
03/08/14 Committee of the Whole(Public Works/Public Safety) Special Committee of the Whole (Public Works) Approved Minutes 3 8 2014
CBBEL proposal, Northwest Park
MWRD Intergovernmental Agreement
CBBEL proposal for feasibility for maximizing flood protection
Memo on financial options (Updated 03/08/14)
Memo on Special Service Area options
Memo on Referendum issues
Stormwater Management Master Plan
Flood Reduction Financing Options
03/05/14 Historic Preservation Commission Historic Preservation Commission Agenda
03/04/14 City Council Budget Workshop Budget Workshop Approved BW minutes 3 4 2014
Fund Balance Scorecard
Dues and Training
Library Capital Goals
Department Goals, Projects and Initiatives
Headcount Totals and Organizational Charts
Employee Compensation
Regular Salaries Summary
Historical Compensation Matrices
Merit Increases
Economic Development
Fire - Personnel Overtime Comparison
Safer Grant - Fire
Budget Contingency
Forestry Budget memorandum
03/03/14 City Council City Council Agenda
March 3, 2014 Approved City Council Minutes
Draft Budget Workshop Minutes 02 04 2014
DRAFT CC Minutes 02 17 2014
Mayoral Veto - Local 150 Contract
Ethics Complaint
Executive Session Attachments
Modifications to Council Policy Statement 36 - Use of City facilities
Modifications to Article 12-6, Liquor Licenses
Purchase Order Approval for fuel, Al Warren Oil
Purchase Order Approval, FY13 flood reduction program, Di Meo Brothers
Final Reading of 2014 Medicare Reimbursement to Article 20, Chapter 5
Approve Purchase of Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillators from Zoll
Paid Warrant Report 02-27-2014
Purchase Order for Accounting Temp
03/03/14 Mayor's Advisory Board Mayor's Advisory Board Mayor's Advisory Board Approved Minutes March 3, 2014
Mayor's Advisory Board Packet
02/27/14 Community Health Commission Community Health Commission AGENDA
Draft Minutes 01 23 2014
Approved Minutes 02 27 2014
02/27/14 Zoning Board of Appeals Zoning Board of Appeals AGENDA
Draft Meeting Minutes-10.24.2013
Draft Meeting Minutes-01.23.2014
111 S. Washington Ave (Day Care Parking) Case Number: V-13-09 (Major)
Approved Minutes February 27, 2014
02/26/14 Appearance Commission Appearance Commission Meeting Agenda
Draft Minutes for January 2014
Staff Memo for 2-26-2014
Approved Minutes February 2014
02/24/14 Committee of the Whole (Finance/Procedures & Reg)
Committee of the Whole(Public Works/Public Safety)
Committee of the Whole - All Commitees AGENDA
Healthier Park Ridge Survey Report
Healthier Park Ridge Power Point Presentation Slides
Reschdule of PW COW -Flood Reduction Program Discussion
Council Policy Statement 36
Class E Liquor License
Procurement Rules and Requirements
Re-inspection Fee
Plan Developments
Purchase Order for Accounting Services
Utility Billing Memo
Department Head Report
Revenue & Expenditure Report
Fire and Police Pension
Update - Union Employees
Update - Non Union Employees
Status - Payroll Conversion ADP
Staffing Changes
Department Head Report - P & R
Purchase Order for fuel, Al Warren, $21,798.81
Purchase Order, FY13 Flood Reduction Program, DiMeo Brothers, $176,670.05
Approval of Five Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillators from Zoll
Results: 2211 Meeting(s) Found.
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