Mayor Schmidt Ready to Appoint Sixth Ward Alderman


Mayor Schmidt thanked the four individuals who served on the review committee for making a recommendation for the new Sixth Ward Alderman.   On June 7, Robert Trizna, Gail Haller, Rick Biagi and Alison Harrington interviewed four candidates, Jeff Cox, Marc Mazzuca, Peter Ryan, and Rick Pucci. The committee members then sent individual recommendations to the Mayor by ranking the candidates 1 through 4. 
Mayor Schmidt took the committee members’ individual rankings and employed a point system. Using that system, Marc Mazzuca had the broadest base of support among the committee members. Mazzuca also was the only candidate to receive two first place rankings from the four committee members. “As such,” Mayor Schmidt reported, “I have decided to nominate Marc as the new Sixth Ward Aldermen and will be presenting his name to the Council for confirmation next Monday.” 
Mayor Schmidt concluded by stating that, “each of the candidates has good qualities and would make a good alderman.  This is reflected in the results which were very close indeed.”
Mayor Schmidt believes that the process was fair and that the Sixth Ward will be better off because of it.  


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