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Welcome to Kidz Connection.  This is a new addition to our Police Department web page and we are still adding and developing it.  We are excited about our new web page and hope you learn from the information and educational activities offered, as well as have fun with the interactive games provided.


Have Fun and Stay Safe!

Parents: Please remember to show your kids how to use the Internet responsibly and safely. You may want to review our Internet Safety information with your children before proceeding. We hope that the information provided on these pages is fun and informative.

Be safe on the Internet

Isn't it fun to explore the Internet? It has everything from really cool games to information that can help you get an "A" on your homework. Millions of kids like you surf the 'net every day. But, be careful if you enter chat rooms. People don't always tell the truth about who they are, or why they are online. Sometimes adults enter chat rooms pretending to be kids like you. And that's dangerous!

The first step to safe surfing on the Internet is knowing what your online boundaries are. Avoid a hassle later by asking a parent now - when can I go online? What sites can I visit? How long am I allowed to surf the Net?

Keep your identity a secret. Don't give out your full name, home address, school name, your photograph, or your telephone number to someone you meet online.

If your new online friend wants to get together to meet you - STOP! First, discuss it with your parents or guardian. If they approve, you and your online friend should arrange to meet close to home in a public place, like the mall or a restaurant. Both of you should bring an adult to the first meeting. Better safe than sorry!

If you ever get an instant message or email that makes you feel scared, confused, or uncomfortable, don't answer it. You need to tell an adult you trust, right away. They can decide if it should be reported to the police or your Internet service provider.

Some websites ask for information about you. They might want your name, address, phone number and email address. Usually, they ask so they can email you updates about their product or service. Don't ever give them that information unless you have a parent's okay.

Don't open emails from senders you don't know. Some might be an attempt to sell you something you didn't ask for. Others may contain a virus that can damage your computer.


When in doubt.... hit delete!


 Mascot Race at  2012 National Night Out

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Having fun at the Petting Zoo, sponsored by Kiwanis,

at 2012 National Night Out!!


















Have fun and stay safe!














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