The Fire Department Requests Correct Address Posting on Buildings

September 13, 2012
The Park Ridge Fire Department is requesting all residences and businesses in the community to improve, or at least comply with the City Municipal Code pertaining to posting address numbers on the buildings. Many times our companies are having difficulty finding addresses on dark streets, due to inadequate addressing or overgrown vegetation. The code is defined below.
Every owner, agent or person in possession of a building shall number the same in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter. All numbers shall be placed in a conspicuous place at or near the main entrance to the building to which they are attached. If the main entrance is not visible from the street, the numbers must be on the walkway side at least six feet (6') above the ground within two feet (2') of the edge of the building. Buildings on corner lots shall display the numbers facing the street which express the address. If there is no walkway side, then the numbers must appear on the
driveway side. The numbers should not be obscured by bushes or other decorative materials. Each of the figures of every such number or numbers shall be not less than three inches (3") in height, in Arabic numerals of contrasting color with the background so as to be easily and distinctly read from the street.
Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated. 
Authority of Fire Chief Michael Zywanski
Information Contact D/C Jeff Sorensen (847) 318-5287

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