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2012 Top 10 Crash Intersections


The Park Ridge Police Department remains committed to improving traffic safety within our community. Our job is to help reduce crashes and the injuries or deaths associated with those crashes. To that end, the department believes strongly in the traditional traffic safety model of education, enforcement and engineering. The 2012 crash data can be seen below:      
Crash Reports Taken (Public and Private)      1229                            
Crashes Reports on Public Roadway              1018                            
Personal Injury Crashes                           &nb​sp;        130
            In addition, the department would like to make motorists aware of this year’s Top 10 Crash Intersections. Our hope is that by drawing attention to these areas, motorists will become more safety conscious when driving through these intersections:
1 Dempster and Luther Lane               26 crashes         
2 Touhy and Dee Rd                              25 crashes         
3 Dempster and Potter                          24 crashes         
4 Touhy and Greenwood                       24 crashes         
5 Dee Rd and Oakton                            19 crashes                    
6 Oakton and Greenwood                     18 crashes         
7 N/W Hwy and Oakton                          16 crashes  
8 Touhy/NW Hwy/Prospect                    16 crashes
9 Cumberland and Devon                     15 crashes                     
10 Busse and Greenwood                    14 crashes                     
      Dee and Talcott                                 14 crashes         
Over the course of 2012, the Traffic Coordinator working along with the City Engineer reviewed different ways to enhance the safety of our citizens. Each month intersections are tracked to find out why crashes are occurring and what, if anything, can be done to have an impact on the rates. During this review, we discovered that the intersection of Talcott Road and Dee Road experienced 26 crashes throughout 2011. Many of the crashers were the direct cause of vehicles being rear-ended at the southwest corner. One of the potential solutions we identified was installing “No Turn On Red’ signs. The Illinois Department of Transportation was contacted and agreed that these signs were needed. As a result, in 2012, there were 12 fewer crashes. These crashes included only one, rear-end crash for the last 8 months of the year.
     The second intersection we reviewed was Cumberland Avenue and Crescent Avenue. In 2011 eight crashes occurred at this intersection. During the summer, additional stop signs with flashing red lights were added on Cumberland. After installation, the intersection experienced only one crash, bringing the total to three for the year. 
            The data shows that a number of the Top 10 Crash Intersections still need to be addressed. While the department has helped to reduce crashes at the majority of the intersections from last year, others have seen a modest increase. That being said, several of last year’s Top 10 Crash Intersections are no longer on the list. These include Oakton and Riverside and Northwest Highway and Greenwood. The department’s goal is, and always has been, voluntary compliance. That is why the department focuses on Education, Engineering and, when needed Enforcement.

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