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Airport Issues

 O'Hare Airport Commission

The O'Hare Airport Commission consists of nine citizen members whose objective is to provide a forum for public discussion and serve as an advocate for reasonable sound and environmental levels associated with flights flying to and from O'Hare Airport over Park Ridge.  The Commission shall conduct research; educate the public; and advocate for improvements.


Resident Reference Guide


OAC Reports & Presentations


"In the News" Health & Safety
Volume 5. Issue 5 - November 2018 July 2019
Volume 5, Issue 4 - September 2018 November 2018
Volume 5, Issue 3 - May 2018 September 2018
Volume 5, Issue 1 - January 2018 July 2018
Volume 4, Issue 6 - November 2017 March 2018
Volume 4, Issue 5 - September 2017 January 2018
Volume 4, Issue 4 - July 2017 July 2017
Volume 4, Issue 3 - May 2017 November 2016
Volume 4, Issue 2 - March 2017 September 2016
Volume 4, Issue 1 - January 2017 May 2016
Volume 3, Issue 5 - November 2016 March 2016
Volume 3, Issue 4 - September 2016 November 2015
Volume 3, Issue 3 - July 2016 August 2015
Volume 3, Issue 2 - March 2016 June 2015
Volume 3, Issue 1 - January 2016  


CDA/FAA Presentations

City Council Presentations


Flight Impact Maps



O'Hare Flight Impact Map upon Completion of OMP

Estimated Runway Utilization beginning October 2015

Estimated Runway Utilization at OMP Build Out 




Additional Resources


Fly Quiet Rotation


Interim Fly Quiet Rotation Resumes September 13

The Interim Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Plan (IFQ) is scheduled to begin on Sunday, November 3, 2019. For each week, a primary and secondary runway use configuration is provided to accommodate potential changes in wind direction.  The IFQ will be in place until May 2020 when pavement rehab is scheduled to take place on Runway 4R/22L. The IFQ will return in September 2020 and remain through February 2021 when construction on the Runway 9R extension begins.

Click here for more information on Interim Fly Quiet.

IFQ Schedule Overview - September 2020 - February 2021

IFQ Weekly Reports


Residential Sound Insulation Program



Contact your State and Federal Representatives


Airport Noise Management System


O'Hare Modernization Program
O'Hare Noise Compatibility Commission ONCC


Document Archive


November 15, 2018 Aviation Noise Claims - Steven Taber Presentation
November 15, 2018 Fly Quiet 21 Criteria
May 10, 2017 Fly Quiet Letter to Commission Evans of the CDA
September 2016 (received) Ambient Air Monitoring Project (Maine South Air Quality Monitor)
May 6, 2016 Fly Quiet Rotation ONCC Presentation
April 27, 2016 Rep. Lynch & Quiet Skies Caucus Introduce Airplane Impacts Mitigation
February 23, 2016 Attorney Steve Taber Letter regarding Enforceable Noise Standards
February 2016 Attorney Steve Taber Memo regarding Enforceable Noise Standards
July 20, 2015 O'Hare MOU Meeting
September 12, 2014 Congressional Letter to the FAA
December 23, 2013 Buchalter Nemer Law Corp Letter to City Manager
August 6, 2013 State Rep D'Amico letter to Congressman Quigley
May 3, 2013 ONCC Draft Resolution
April 23, 2013 SEIS Letters of Support
April 17, 2013 FAA Response to City of Park Ridge October 2012 Request
January 25, 2013 CDA Response to Congresswoman Schakowsky
January 2013 OAC Survey
December 21, 2012 Congresswoman Schakowsky response to Elected Official Letter
November 30, 2012 FAA Letter of Receipt
November 25, 2012 Letter from City Council to Elected Officials
October 4, 2012 Reply to FAA Response to City of Park Ridge regarding SEIS
May 4, 2012 FAA Presentation to the ONCC by Dr. Lourdes Maurice
February 23, 2012 Response form the FAA Regarding Request for SEIS
December 22, 2011 Letter from Congresswoman Schakowsky to FAA Regarding SEIS
December 21, 2011 Hinshaw & Culberton, LLP Letter to City Manager
October 25, 2011 Letter to FAA Requesting Supplemental Environment Impact Statement
August 9, 2010 Attorney Steven Taber Memo to City Council
February 5, 2009 FAA Response Regarding New Runway 9L 27R






O'Hare Noise Complaints
By Phone:
CDA O'Hare Noise Hotline:
28th District Complaint Hotline:

City of Chicago - 311

FAIR Coalition Web App

provided by District 28
AirNoise Button:

"With the click of a button, instantly local loud, bothersome flights, automatically file a complaint and get back to the things that matter to you."

Once set up through your WIFI, it's as easy as pressing the button!

You don't have to buy the button ($24.00) and subscription ($5/mo), you can use their web application (mobile apps coming soon) for free (15 complaints/ mo). But the button is SO EASY (and complaints are unlimited)!

You will receive a weekly report showing your complaints, plus: Status, Date/ Time, Airport, Type (Commercial), Operator, Flight, A/C Type (Airline and Flight #), Operation (Arrival/ Departure), Distance (Miles/ Altitude (Ft)

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