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Filling the Third Ward Aldermanic vacancy

The City recently mourned the passing of Third Ward Alderman Robert Wilkening.  Alderman Wilkening was elected in April 2015 to serve a four year term on the City Council.  His unfortunate death causes a vacancy in the office.  The City Attorney has provided information to Acting Mayor Maloney and the City Council as to the process and timeline for filing the vacancy.

Acting Mayor Maloney is required to forward his choice of replacement at an open meeting to the City Council for approval before October 3. The manner in which the Acting Mayor arrives at his choice is up to him.  Upon presentation of the name or replacement, the City Council will have 30 days to accept, by majority vote, his recommendation, or reject the recommendation.  The City Attorney has recommended that Acting Mayor Maloney, who holds the office of Seventh Ward Alderman, refrain from this vote.

Acting Mayor Maloney has announced that he is selecting a committee of Third Ward Residents to interview any and all interested candidates.  These interviews will be held at a public meeting.  In order to qualify to fill the vacancy, interested candidates must be residents of the Third Ward.  The candidate selected to fill the vacancy would serve until Spring 2017, at which time a special municipal election will be held to fill the remaining two years of the term.

Acting Mayor Maloney requests that any Third Ward resident who is interested in filing this vacancy forward a letter of interest, along with a resume, to his attention at City Hall, c/o Deputy Clerk Cheryl Peterson, City Administration.  The deadline for submission is 5:00 p.m., Monday, August 31.

If the recommendation above is rejected, or if the Council fails to act, the Acting Mayor must forward another name. If the second name is rejected, the Acting Mayor makes a temporary appointment without the consent of the Council. That appointment will come from those persons whose names were previously tendered, but whose appointments failed to receive Council approval. The person who receives this temporary appointment serves until either (1) another person receives Council approval; or (2) a person has been elected to fill the office (Spring 2017).

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