Community Health Commission

Community Health Commission

Consists of eleven members.  The Commission has six focus areas:

  • Disease Education and Prevention
  • Emergency Preparedness and Resiliency
  • Environmental Health and Sustainability
  • Outreach to Special Populations
  • Substance Use and Mental Health
  • Wellness and Safety
Meets on the fourth Thursday each month at 7:00 pm. 

Members  Term Expiration
Kathy Berry 09/30/2025
Nancy Bourbon 09/30/2025
Jeff Franckowiak 09/30/2023
Sharon Grande 09/30/2025
Susan Kavathas-Annes 09/30/2024
Joanna Morales  09/30/2023
Kathleen Nannini 09/30/2023
Terri Schmidt  09/30/2024
Maria Tanzi - Samaan 09/30/2024
Sarah Youngkin 09/30/2025
Yeyin Yi  09/30/2025
Non-Voting Liaisons   
VACANT Park Ridge Police Department 
Regina Mundt Park Ridge Park District 
VACANT District 64
VACANT  District 207
VACANT  Advocate Lutheran General Hospital 

Sue Tunzi, Staff Liaison 

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