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City Meeting Documents & Recordings

These pages contain documents and recordings associated with City meetings. If a meeting does not appear on this list, there are no documents available yet for that meeting. Please refer to the City Calendar for full details about any City meeting. Please contact the City if you experience any difficulty while viewing a video.

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Results: 2634 Meeting(s) Found.

Date Categories Meeting Name Attachments
02/08/17 Bike Task Force Bike Task Force Agenda
Minutes - February 8, 2017
02/06/17 City Council City Council Video
Resolution commemorating Alderman Daniel J. Knight
Recognition of the Maine South 2016-17 Constitution Team
DRAFT City Council Minutes - January 17, 2017
Approve the issuance of a $250 late fee penalty to Pink Taxi
Approve the purchase order for one Holmatro Rescue System Pump and Bracket Accessories
Approve the Mayoral appointment and City Council confirmation of Fifth Ward Alderman
Approve a purchase order increase for GovTempsUSA, LLC
Mayoral appointment of Adam Sciortino to the Bike Task Force
Approve FY17 warrants for period ending January 31, 2017
Approve Resolution for Norwegian Day Parade – May 21, 2017
Approve Resolution for the Memorial Day Parade – May 29, 2017
Approve Resolution with the Illinois Department of Transportation for the use of Motor Fuel Tax
Approve Purchase Order for emergency watermain repair with DiMeo Brothers
Approve Purchase Order for Flusher Repair to Sewer Equipment of Illinois
Approve Ordinance amending 13-13-2 of the Municipal Code, Resident Parking on Peterson
Approve Final Reading of an Ordinance Amending Article 10, Chapter 2 of the Municipal Code
DRAFT COW Minutes - January 23, 2017
Approve the first reading of an Ordinance Granting a Zoning Variance for an Encroachment into a Side Yard at 119 S Greenwood
APPROVED Minutes - February 6, 2017
Recognition of the Maine South Band, Orchestra and Choir
02/01/17 Historic Preservation Commission Historic Preservation Commission Agenda 2 1 2017
Approved February 2017 Minutes
01/30/17 Animal Commission Animal Commission Meeting AGENDA
Draft Minutes 12 19 2016
Approved Minutes 01 30 2017
01/29/17 Fifth Ward Aldermanic Candidate Selection Committee Audio
Draft Minutes 1 23 2017
Draft Minutes 1 24 2017
01/26/17 Zoning Board of Appeals Zoning Board of Appeals Video
Draft Minutes - December 1, 2016
Findings of Fact - 119 S Greenwood Ave
01/26/17 Community Health Commission Community Health Commission AGENDA
Draft Minutes 12 01 2016
Approved Minutes 01 26 2017
01/26/17 Youth Commission Park Ridge Youth Commission Agenda
Minutes - January 26, 2017
01/25/17 Appearance Commission Appearance Commission Appearance Agenda January 2017
Draft Minutes December 15, 2016
Front Elevation Renderings 1.25.2017
Approved January 2017 Minutes
01/24/17 Fifth Ward Aldermanic Candidate Interviews Audio
Agenda / Candidate Resumes
AGENDA (revised)
Approved 1 24 2017 Minutes
01/23/17 Committee of the Whole (Finance/Procedures & Reg) Committee of the Whole (Finance / Procedures & Regulations) Video
HR Monthly Report
Public Hearing - Pink Taxi /Revocation of Certificate of Operation for Pink Taxi or other appropriate penalties due to violation of 10-2-4 of the Municipal Code
Purchase Order for Emergency Watermain Repair, DiMeo Bros.
Amending 13 13 2, Resident Parking on Peterson
Revise CPS #19, Residential Permit Exceptions to Parking Ordinance
Amending 13 19 1, License Required
Discuss Potential Regulations of Short Term Rentals (Airbnbs)
Ordinance Amending Art 10, Ch 2 Livery Certificates
CP&D Activity Report for December 2016
CP&D Key Data Thru 2016
Approve the purchase order for one Holmatro Rescue System Pump and bracket accessories from A.E.C. Fire
Purchase Order for Flusher Repair, Sewer Equipment of Illinois
Budget Transfer from Contingency to Insurance Claims
PO Increase & Budget Transfer for GovTemps
Approved Minutes
01/23/17 Fifth Ward Aldermanic Candidate Interviews Audio
Agenda / Candidate Resumes
APPROVED 1 23 2017 Minutes
01/20/17 Foreign Fire Tax Board Foreign Fire Tax Board Agenda
01/18/17 O'Hare Airport Commission O'Hare Airport (OAC) Agenda
In the News: Volume 4, Issue 1
Minutes - January 18, 2017
01/17/17 City Council City Council Meeting Video
Surveying and Engineering Proposal for Northwest Highway (ITEP) Streetscape Grant, Spaceco Inc.
DRAFT COW Minutes, 1 9 2017
Warrants-Period Ending 12/31/16
Warrants-Period Ending 1/15/17
Final Reading of An Ordinance Granting Special Use at 22 S Washington
Resolution - semi-annual review of Closed Session minutes to release and recordings to destroy
DRAFT COW Minutes 12 12 2016
Appt of B. Madden as Acting Deputy City Clerk Feb 1-8
DRAFT Special CC Meeting minutes 1 9 2017
DRAFT CC Meeting Minutes 12 19 2016
APPROVED CC Minutes 1 17 2017
01/10/17 Planning & Zoning Commission Planning & Zoning Video
P Z Agenda 1 10 2017
17 01 SU (office 132 S Prospect)
P Z Approved Minutes 01 10 2017
01/10/17 Human Needs Task Force Human Needs Task Force Agenda
Minutes - January 10, 2017
01/09/17 Committee of the Whole(Public Works/Public Safety) Committee of the Whole (Public Works / Public Safety) Video
Fire Complimentary Letters - December 2016
Surveying and Engineering proposal for Northwest Highway ITEP Grant, Spaceco
Bike Task Force recommendation to update City's 2005 Bike Plan
Bike Task Force recommendations for bike parking
Bike Task Force recommendations for storm drains
Hardship Exceptions to Resident Parking Ordinance
Police Monthly Report - December 2016
Police Complimentary Letters - December
Red Speed Monthly Report - December
Citizen Corp Volunteer Report - December 2016
CBBEL Presentation
Fire Quarterly Report - 4th Quarter 2016
Approved Minutes 1 9 2017
01/09/17 City Council Special City Council Meeting Approve Ordinance increasing the number of available 2017 Liquor Licenses (waive first reading)
Park Ridge Fitness Holding LLC Liq Lic Ap
Cover Memorandum - Liquor License
Resolution - City Clerk TERM IMRF
Cover Memo - City Clerk term IMRF
APPROVED SCC Minutes 1 9 2017
01/09/17 Liquor License Review Board Liquor License Review Board LLRB - 1 9 2017 agenda, 12 5 2016 draft minutes, cover memo, application
Beer on the Wall - Requested code changes presented
01/09/17 Park Ridge Municipal Officers Electoral Board Hearing (Cont.) Audio
AGENDA 1 7 2017 and Draft Minutes 12 30 2016
Documents relating to MOEB Hearing 12/29/16 & 1/9/17 FINAL
01/04/17 Historic Preservation Commission Historic Preservation Commission Agenda 1 4 2017
Approved January 2017 Minutes
12/30/16 Park Ridge Municipal Officers Electoral Board -Electoral Board Meeting EBHearing12302016 Mazzuca DeStefano
Notice of Hearing
Call for Hearing and related documents-
Approved Minutes 12302016 MOEB hearing
12/20/16 Library Board of Trustees Library Board of Trustees AGENDA
12/19/16 City Council City Council Video
Purchase Order for Sickle Bar Mower, Skid Steer Solutions
Purchase Order for AMR Water Meters, Water Resources
Contract for Masonry Repair Project, W J McGuire
Contract for City Hall HVAC Cooling Tower, Kroeschell Engineering
Contract with Goodmark Nurseries
Approve a Purchase Order for new security doors at fire stations
Approve Ordinance granting a Special Use for 141 Vine
Approve Ordinance amending Article 5, Chapter 3 (Food Sanitation Regulations)
PO Increase for BKD
DRAFT Committee of the Whole Minutes 11 28 2016
DRAFT City Council Minutes 12 05 2016
Warrants Period Ending-12/15/2016
Approve a Purchase Order for training expense with North East Regional Training
2016 Property Tax Levy
Approve an ordinance granting special use for medical dental at 22 S Washington
Approve a Purchase Order for Resource Management Inc.
Uptown Parking Study Status
Contract for Parking Lot Lighting Replacement, Utility Dynamics
Approve final reading of an ordinance granting special use for mixed use at 600 Talcott
Drunk & Drugged Driving 3D Prevention Month Proclamation
Bike Task Force Presentation
25th Anniversary of the Human Needs Task Force Proclamation
Approve appointments to Boards & Commissions
APPROVED CC Minutes 12 19 2016
Results: 2634 Meeting(s) Found.
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