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City Meeting Documents & Recordings

These pages contain documents and recordings associated with City meetings. If a meeting does not appear on this list, there are no documents available yet for that meeting. Please refer to the City Calendar for full details about any City meeting. Please contact the City if you experience any difficulty while viewing a video.

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Results: 2634 Meeting(s) Found.

Date Categories Meeting Name Attachments
09/25/08 Zoning Board of Appeals Zoning Board of Appeals Lundergan, 1314 N. V-08-21 DS.pdf
Merrill 233 N, V-08-20 Dis Stmt.pdf
Meacham 434 N. V-08-19 Dis Stmt.pdf
Summit, 523 S V-08-18 DS.pdf
Obstructions in Rights of Way.pdf
Recently Approved Text Amendments to Zoning Ordinance.pdf
Lundergan 1314 N. 08.pdf
Merrill 233 N 08.pdf
Meacham 434 N. 08.pdf
Summit 523 S. 08-2.pdf
ZBA Agenda 09-25-08.pdf
Minutes 09 25 08.pdf
02/28/08 Zoning Board of Appeals Zoning Board of Appeals Staff Report- 2648 Dempster (cont.).pdf
Staff Report 463 Summit V-08-01.pdf
Staff Report 901 S Chester V-08-03.pdf
ZBA Agenda 02-28-08.pdf
Minutes 2 28 08.pdf
05/27/09 City Council (CANC) 6:00 PM City Council COW Special Mtg (Closed Session) 5 27 09 City Council SPECIAL COW.pdf
05/27/09 Mayor's Advisory Board (CANC) 6:45 PM Mayor's Advisory Board AGENDA 05-27-09.pdf
Draft Minutes 01-28-09 Draft.pdf
10/13/08 Youth Commission (CANC) 7:00 PM Park Ridge Youth Commission Youth Commission Agenda 10-13-08.pdf
Youth Commission Minutes 9-8-08 Draft.pdf
03/11/06 (Closed Session) 9:00 AM (Open) Budget Workshop 20062007 Budget Presentation.pdf
04/23/08 Police Pension Board of Trustees - 9:30 PM Park Ridge Police Pension Board Meeting Agenda 4.23.pdf
03/19/08 Electrical Commission - Electrical Commission Electrical Comm Mtg.pdf
Electrical Commission Minutes - 03-2008.pdf
05/19/08 -Special Mtg & Public Hearing - Alley Paving Agenda-Alley Public Hearing, 5-19-08.pdf
DRAFT-Exhibit A-SSA#100_AlleyOwnershipMap.pdf
DRAFT-Exhibit A-SSA#101_AlleyOwnershipMap.pdf
DRAFT-Exhibit A-SSA#102_AlleyOwnershipMap.pdf
DRAFT-Exhibit A-SSA#103_AlleyOwnershipMap.pdf
DRAFT-Exhibit A-SSA#98_AlleyOwnershipMap.pdf
DRAFT-Exhibit A-SSA#99_AlleyOwnershipMap.pdf
DRAFT-Exhibit D-Costs, Alleys SSA98-103.pdf
Exhibit C-Affidavit-SSA100.pdf
Exhibit C-Affidavit-SSA101.pdf
Exhibit C-Affidavit-SSA102.pdf
Exhibit C-Affidavit-SSA103.pdf
Exhibit C-Affidavit-SSA98.pdf
Exhibit C-Affidavit-SSA99.pdf
09/26/07 Fair Housing Commission . Fair Housing Commission agenda 9-26-07.pdf
draft Minutes 6-27-07.pdf
Draft Minutes 7-25-07.pdf
Minutes 9-26-07.pdf
06/07/12 6th Ward Alderman Interviews AGENDA
Peter Ryan-Questionnaire responses
Jeff Cox Questionnaire Responses
Marc Mazzuca Questionnaire Responses
Rick Pucci Questionnaire Responses
09/11/09 9/11 Patriot Day Ceremony 9 11 Agenda 2009.pdf
05/17/12 Mayor's Advisory Board Advisory Board AGENDA
12/21/09 Advisory Board AGENDA 12-21-09 - Revised.pdf
12-21-09 Minutes.pdf
09/19/06 Advisory Board AGENDA 9-19-06.pdf
11/10/05 Advisory Cmte Mtg. (Mayor's Conf. Rm) mayagend.pdf
11/15/05 Advisory Cmte. Mtg. (Mayors Conf. Rm) adv Agenda11-15.pdf
12/15/05 Advisory Commitee Meeting adv 12-15-05.pdf
01/12/06 Advisory Committee Meeting minJan1206.pdf
12/16/05 Advisory Committee Meeting adv 12-16-05.pdf
02/16/06 Advisory Committee Meeting Advisory Board Minutes 2-16-06.pdf
08/11/05 Advisory Committee Meeting mayagend.pdf
02/10/11 Aldermanic Candidate Information Session Meeting Notice
08/22/16 Animal Commission Animal Commission Agenda
Draft Minutes - 07 18 2016
Approved Minutes 08 22 2016
06/18/12 Animal Commission Animal Commission Draft Minutes - 05 21 2012
Results: 2634 Meeting(s) Found.
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