Emergency Notifications

Emergency Notifications

NixleNixle is used by the Park Ridge Police to send out notifications either by text message or email for emergencies or informational messages to a specific area. 

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Rave Mobile Safety Quickly and reliably receive mass communication across multiple modes of communication in seconds. From a catastrophic event to non-emergency communications, you can receive messaging directly from the Park Ridge Police and Fire Departments.  

Notifications include: 
  • Fire hydrant flushing and flow testing in your neighborhood
  • Emergencies or hazardous conditions in your neighborhood
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Smart 911
smart911logoverticalAs part of the Park Ridge Police Department’s transfer of 911 services to Cook County 911, we are excited to offer Smart911 to our residents and

With Smart911, you can provide 9-1-1 call takers and first responders with critical information that you want them to know in any kind of emergency.

When you call 911 the call taker will see a display screen showing the information that you provided through your Smart911 profile. This information can include your address, medical information, home information, description of pets and vehicles and emergency contacts. You can provide as much or as little information as you like.

Additionally, residents can sign up through Smart911 to receive emergency notifications such as weather and traffic alerts.

Although Smart911 is new to Park Ridge, it is a national service. This means that your Smart911 Safety Profile travels with you and is visible to any participating 911 center nationwide.  Residents can learn more and sign up for Smart911 by going to www.smart911.com.