Animal  Commission - Consists of three citizen members for overlapping terms of three years.  Its objective is to make determinations regarding whether a particular animal is a Dangerous Animal or At-Risk Animal, as defined in the Park Ridge Municipal Code.  Meets as needed.
Appearance Commission - Consists of five citizen members, the majority of whom are architects. The commission has jurisdiction over the exterior appearance of all new construction, additions to single-family homes and multi-family dwellings, commercial and institutional structures, to assure their appearance meets community standards. Decisions of the Appearance Commission are final and do not go to the City Council for review. Meets the fourth Wednesday of the month.
Publications to help you through the Appearance Commission process,  including "Understanding the Appearance Commission Process"
(Please note: applications are not accepted via e-mail. All materials must be submitted in person. Information on Appearance Commission ordinances is also available on this web site in the Park Ridge Municipal Code, Article 15, Chapter 7 )

Board of Fire and Police Commissioners - Consists of five members serving overlapping terms of three years. The Board functions in the same capacity as the Civil Service Commission, but covers only specific police and fire personnel. Meets as needed.

City Council - The City Council, consisting of seven aldermen and the Mayor, is the policy making and legislative body of the City. It is the responsibility of the City Council to plan for the future of the community by establishing policies and enacting laws based on the objectives of the City. Meets the first and third Mondays of the month.
Civil Service Commission - Consists of three citizen members for overlapping terms of three years. Its responsibility is to set standards for employment of covered City employees and hear appeals on disciplinary actions. Meets as needed.
Community Health Commission - Consists of eleven members.  The mission is to educate and encourage Park Ridge residents to take action to live healthy lives and pro-mote environmental health & sustainability in the City of Park Ridge.  Representatives from the Park Ridge Police Department, School Districts 64 and 207, the Park Ridge Park District and Advocate Lutheran General Hospital serve as non-voting members of the commission. One Park Ridge Alderman serves as the City Council liaison and is also a non-voting representative.

The Commission has six focus areas:

  • Disease Education and Prevention
  • Emergency Preparedness and Resiliency
  • Environmental Health and Sustainability
  • Outreach to Special Populations
  • Substance Use and Mental Health
  • Wellness and Safety

Meets on the fourth Thursday each month. The Commission’s goals are to expand overall communication with the community at large to promote healthy living and awareness of opportunities to improve individual, family and community health.

Farmers Market Committee - Consists of nine members appointed by the Mayor with the advise and consent of the City Council. The Committee is responsible for the sale of produce, and processed, packaged, or prepared food, at a Farmers Market location designated by the City Council.  Its objective is to administer and promulgate rules for the operation of the Farmers Market a manner not inconsistent with Article 12, Chapter 7 of the Municipal Code.


Firemen's Pension Board of Trustees - Each board administers respective pension fund as directed by state law. Selection of members is designated by state statute. Meets as needed.

Historic Preservation CommissionConsists of nine citizen members, with a range of expertise in law, real estate, architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, city planning, anthropology, history, art, building construction or finance. The Commission serves to preserve, enhance and restore for use those properties and areas that have special historical, architectural, community or aesthetic significance in the community, in the interest of promoting the public health, safety and general welfare of Park Ridge. The Commission is primarily charged with making recommendations to the City Council for the designation of historic landmarks and historic districts within the City. The Commission also issues Certificates of Appropriateness for construction projects related to historic preservation. Historic Preservation Forms are  HERE


Intergovernmental Coordinating Advisory Committee - Consists of an Alderman from the City Council and representatives of other local governments serving the citizens of Park Ridge, who work together to find innovative ways to promote communication and cooperation among members, and to share ideas and common concerns. Meets as needed.

Library Board of Trustees - Consists of nine members, appointed by the mayor with the consent of the City Council. This Board acts as a board of directors on finances, policy, programs and personnel of the Library.

Liquor License Review Board - Consists of five citizen members and the Mayor who serves as the Liquor Control  Commissioner. The board investigates and reviews all applications, renewals and complaints pertaining to holders of liquor licenses making recommendations.  Meets on the first Monday of the month, on an as needed basis.
O'Hare Airport Commission - Consists of seven citizen members whose objective will be to provide a forum for public discussion and serve as an advocate for reasonable sound and environmental levels associated with flights flying to and from O'Hare Airport over Park Ridge.  The Commission shall conduct research; educate the public; and advocate for improvements.
Planning and Zoning Commission - Consists of nine citizen members appointed to four-year terms. The Commission hears and reviews all applications for zoning amendments, planned developments, special uses, pre-annexation agreements, subdivisions, site plans and changes in B-4 Commercial Conservation Districts, and street alley vacations. It also makes recommendations on the adoption of or amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. Meets second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.
Police Pension Board of Trustees - Each board administers respective pension fund as directed by state law. Selection of members is designated by state statute. Meets quarterly and as needed.
Sister Cities Commission - A group of citizens seeking a formal affiliation with a "sister city" in another country to foster international understanding and tolerance. Within the program, cities and their citizens exchange people, ideas and culture with a variety of educational, institutional, municipal, professional, technical and youth projects. Meets the second Thursday of the month.

Sustainability Task Force - A group of citizens appointed by Mayor Maloney in February 2019 with a mission to identify and implement actions that will help the City realize the goals of the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Greenest Region Compact  (GRC), adopted by Park Ridge in 2017.  The GRC promotes stewardship of the environment across northern Illinois with an emphasis on improving quality of life and driving economic vitality.  Meets the third Thursday of each month.

Youth Services Commission - Shall consist of at least twelve (12) members: four (4) non-aldermanic adults, one (1) liaison member from the City Council, one (1) member from the Park Ridge Park District, one (1) member from the Park Ridge Teen Center, one (1) member of the faculty at School District 207, and a minimum of four (4) of the members shall be youth currently attending Park Ridge high schools or shall be residents of Park Ridge. If possible, there shall be  youths from each of the following grades: freshman, sophomore, junior and senior. If there are no applicants from a particular grade, a youth from another grade may be appointed to fill that position.. Its responsibilities are to provide a forum for public discussion of topics related to activities of youth; to act as an ombudsman for youth; to facilitate coordination for various community youth groups; and to submit recommendations on these matters to the City Council. Meets the fourth Thursday of the month.
Zoning Board of Appeals - A seven-member board, appointed for overlapping terms of five years. Its responsibilities include hearing requests for variations and interpretations to the Zoning Ordinance. The ZBA has authority to approve certain variances in cases of hardship (authorized variance), while others must be approved by the City Council, after a recommended by the ZBA (unauthorized variance).
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