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Police Station
200 S Vine Street
Open 24 hours, seven days a week
Please call 911 for emergencies
Visit the Park Ridge Police Department website at

The Police Department provides the operational functions and services related to the protection of persons and property, including police patrol, crime investigation and prevention, community relations, traffic law enforcement, parking enforcement and school crossing guards. The Police Department is under the direction of Chief of Police Frank Kaminski.
Community Service Officer - There are currently  nine Community Service officers. Some of their duties include operating the police desk and responding to citizen inquiries on a 24 hour a day basis; assist in enforcing parking and other ordinances and perform duties associated with traffic and animal control. CSOs also assist the police and fire personnel as needed. One CSO acts as Property Custodian and maintains the custody and security of all physical evidence acquired by the Police Department.
Crime Prevention - The Police Department and the citizens cooperate to reduce crime in Park Ridge. The City counts on alert residents to help prevent crime. If you see any suspicious activity, call 911, the City emergency number. Our officers cannot be in all places at all times and must count on the citizens to help prevent a crime in the making or keep potentially dangerous situations from getting out of hand. Citizen vigilance could spell the difference between a minor incident and a serious problem.
Crime Investigation - Provides follow-up of all major offenses, interviewing of witnesses and victims, questioning of suspects and offenders, preparation of cases for court, including the processing of complaints, searching for evidence, and evidence preparation.
P.A.C.T./Community Policing - The community Policing program has been in place for several years but has recently expanded to take a problem solving community approach in addition to activities already in place, such as, attending block parties, lock-outs, walk & talks, bicycle patrol and various other public appearances.
Parking Enforcement Personnel - The City of Park Ridge has two Parking Enforcement Personnel. These officers monitor business and other assigned parking areas within the City, and issue citations for violations of parking ordinances, immobilize vehicles as appropriate in compliance with all applicable ordinances and codes, as well as assist police and fire personnel as needed.
Police Patrol - The principle means employed by the Police Department to prevent crimes and accidents as well as to obtain compliance with City ordinances and state statutes. While on patrol, the police officer is available to respond to and investigate accidents, enforce traffic laws and parking regulations, and prevent crime and criminal activities by being visible and available.
School Crossing Guards - The City provides part-time school crossing guards who are responsible for the safety of school children at designated high traffic street intersections.


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