Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation

Consisting of seven citizen members with a range of expertise, the Commission is charged with the task of identifying and recommending to City Council the Landmarking of architecturally or historically significant elements of our City's built environment.  Landmarks typically celebrate sites or areas that have special historical, architectural, community or aesthetic significance that should be preserved, enhanced and/or restored for use.

The Commission meets the first Wednesday of the month at 6 PM.

2024 Meeting Schedule

Historic Park Ridge

List of Landmarks
Recognition of 100-Year-Old Homes

When homeowners are considering landmark status one of the common questions they ask is, what will happen to the value of my home?
Click here to see a list of studies on the value of landmarked homes.

The Historic Preservation Commission created a brochure that identifies 10 special places or areas in Park Ridge and some of the special people associated with these places.  

  • Did you know that artist Grant Wood has a Park Ridge connection?
  • Did you know that Park Ridge used to be called Brickton and that millions of bricks were produced annually for many years from the clay pits on the north side of town? 
  • Did you know that Andrew Carnegie donated $7500 to build a public Library in Park Ridge?
These and several other historical facts and stories can be found in the brochure created by the Historic Preservation Commission.  Residents of Park Ridge are invited to visit the sights and learn some local history.

Hey Park Ridge, did you Know? 

Members Term Expiration 
Paul Adlaf 04/30/2024
Barbara Christopher 04/30/2024
Ann Handley 04/30/2025
Aaron Holcomb 04/30/2025
Lauren Ibarra 04/30/2028
Joan Mattingly 04/30/2029
Maggie Rowe 04/30/2028