Library Parking Lot Reconstruction

Library Parking Lot Reconstruction

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Week 3 Update      
Friday, October 15, 2021

Copenhaver Construction is continuing excavation for the drainage storage areas in the northwest area of the site.     

Stone, filter fabric, and geogrid were placed for the drainage areas.

Additionally, waterproof membrane, underdrain and cleanouts for the subsurface water storage were installed.  Excavation will continue, as well as installation of underdrains, cleanouts, and filter fabric toward the northeast area of the site.  Construction is expected on Saturday, October 16.
Projected Work Week Stating October 18, 2021

Copenhaver Construction will continue installation of the underdrain, and placement of the geogrid and filter fabric throughout the week.  Construction is expected on Saturday October 23, 2021.

library 1 Library 2 library 3
Construction of drainage stop between
Drainage Areas 1 and 2
Completion of excavation in Drainage Area 1 in the northwest corner of the site (along Summit Ave.) Placement of filter fabric and geogrid at subgrade, and installation of waterproof membrane


Week 2 Update      
Friday, October 8, 2021
Copenhaver Construction continued excavation, and completed concrete removal and tree removal at the north end of the parking lot.  Excavation began along the east side of site.  Installation of underdrains and clean-outs began at the north and east sides of the site.  Construction is expected to occur on Saturday, October 9.

 Projected Work Week Stating October 11, 2021

Copenhaver Construction will continue installation of the underdrain, placement of the geogrid and filter fabric, and installation of the storage aggregate.  Construction is expected on Saturday, October 16.

pic 1 pic 2 pic 3

Removal of Asphalt, curb and gutter


Layout of drainage checks,
underdrains and cleanouts


Week 1 Update      
Friday, October 1, 2021
All businesses were notified in person on Monday, September 27th and Tuesday, September 28th of the project.  They were given a letter and a map of alternate parking locations.

The parking lot was closed at 6:00 AM on Wednesday, September 29th.  Equipment and material were delivered to the site.  Pavement removal has started at the northwest area of the parking lot (near Touhy).  Pavement and aggregate base have been removed in this area and in the aisle closest to the Library. 

Activities planned for next week (week of October 4)

Pavement removal and aggregate base removal will continue.  Installation of the new underdrain, filter fabric, and some of the aggregate base will begin mid-week.  Saturday work will begin on October 9.

Alternative Parking Update
Wednesday, September 29, 2021

The City received a grant for the construction of a green parking lot (permeable pavers) at the Library Parking Lot (Central Lot) in the amount of $650,000  from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District’s (MWRD) Green Infrastructure Program. This exciting and forward thinking reconstruction project begins Wednesday, September 29, 2021. The parking lot will be closed until mid-December. 

The contractor for the project is Copenhaver Construction, and the City’s on-site engineer is Hancock Engineering.

 This project includes complete excavation and removal of the existing pavement, and replacement with compacted stone and permeable brick pavers.  Water will drain though the permeable pavers into the stone layer below, where water will be stored until it infiltrates into the ground, or drains out slowly through a perforated pipe.  All of the parking islands will be replaced with native plantings and trees which will also facilitate the infiltration of water. Once completed, the new parking lot and islands will be able to hold over 192,000 gallons of water.  

A tentative schedule for the project is below:

Library Lot Schedule 1

The City is working hard to provide alternate parking locations and wayfinding signage to direct patrons where they can park.  

Library Construction Alternative Parking