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MC2 Customer? What you need to know

City of Park Ridge Electricity Aggregation Program - FAQ

Program Background

The City of Park Ridge, a member of the North Shore Electrical Aggregation Consortium (NSEAC), is suspending its involvement in its Electrical Aggregation Program at this time. In order to foster a competitive electric marketplace for ComEd residential and small business customers, the State of Illinois authorized municipalities to secure power supply rate agreements with third-party suppliers on behalf of the entire municipality. The City of Park Ridge formed a Consortium (North Shore Electrical Aggregation Consortium, NSEAC) with seven (7) other municipalities to obtain power and related support services and selected mc2 as its power supplier for a three (3) year term that started in June, 2012.

The NSEAC Electrical Aggregation Program has been very successful during its three (3) year term and has saved Park Ridge residents and small business customers an estimated five million, two hundred thousand dollars ($5,200,000.00).

Electric Aggregation Program Suspended as of June, 2015

After evaluating the power supply marketplace, including the results of a NSEAC sealed competitive bid event, the City of Park Ridge has decided to suspend its Electric Aggregation Program indefinitely. While savings are achievable, it was increasingly challenging to lock into a power supply rate that would guarantee savings on a monthly basis. The energy marketplace is expected to be volatile over the next several years. ComEd, in order to be more competitive, is now allowed to apply for default rate changes twice a year and to its PEA (Purchased Electricity Adjustment) as frequently as needed.

Residents and small businesses participating in the City’s Electrical Aggregation Program will be receiving an offer from MC Squared Energy Services (mc²) in April, 2015 to supply power at a fixed-rate price for a twelve (12) month period that would commence after the May 2015 billing cycle. Any resident who does not wish to participate will have thirty (30) days to Opt-Out.

Can a Resident or Small Business Revert to ComEd?

All residential customers and small business owners now have several power supplier choices in a competitive marketplace. Current mc² Electrical Aggregation customers may move to the power supplier of the choice by the end of April, 2015 or, with no further action or charge, stay with mc² as a customer in June, 2015. Within the Electrical Aggregation Program agreement, there is no charge for current mc² Electrical Aggregation customers to switch from mc² to an alternate electrical supplier, including ComEd.

Power Supply Marketplace

Residents should beware of door-to-door solicitors, direct callers or direct mail pieces regarding electric power supply offers and are advised to review contract terms to understand any floating (variable) rates or early termination fees. It is recommended that ratepayers never release their account number to a solicitor unless they have decided to move to that power supplier.

Other Electrical and Energy Information Resources


Why is the City suspending its involvement in the Electrical Aggregation Program?

Since there is no way to guarantee savings for each and every month due to energy market volatility and with the many choices customers have in the power supply market, it is no longer feasible for the City to offer the Electrical Aggregation Program.

What is the ComEd rate for comparison purposes?

The default power supply rate for June 2015 through December 2015 has not been announced nor has the Power Electricity Adjustment for June 2015 been announced. The term of the MC2 offer is twelve months from June 2015 through May 2016. ComEd will be setting price for two rate periods from June 2015 through December 2015 and from January 2016 through May 2016. In addition, the ComEd default rate can be adjusted by one half cent (+- .05¢) per month (the PEA).  

How has MC2 performed over the past three years?

MC2 has been an outstanding partner for the City of Park Ridge and all members of the North Shore Electrical Aggregation Consortium for the past three years.

If a customer cancels service with MC2, will their account be automatically switched to ComEd?

If you follow the cancellation instructions in the MC2 offer mailing to cancel service, your account will be automatically transferred to ComEd effective with the June 2015 billing cycle.

Can a customer switch to another alternate energy provider?

There are other suppliers in the marketplace that can supply power. These suppliers have obtained a certificate from the Illinois Commerce Commission and have completed the registration process with ComEd to serve residential customers in ComEd's territories. Contact the supplier directly to learn whether service is available in Park Ridge. The supplier can provide guidance and instructions on how to sign up with their service. It is worthwhile to evaluate these suppliers and offer programs with due diligence. -   NOTE:  Choose the ComEd territory for your search  


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