Winter Weather Update

Winter Weather Update

As the winter season approaches, Public Works is already preparing its equipment to meet the upcoming challenges in regard to ice, snow and other precipitation.

The challenges of winter maintenance are a balancing act between the weather and road conditions, staffing levels, functionality of equipment, traffic, and the many other emergency activities completed by Public Works. Some of these are completed simultaneously during a snow event.

As snow removal and snow operations begin, trucks will make several passes on all streets from the center of the street to the curb.  Most main streets throughout the City are referred to as snow routes and are posted with signs. Parking is prohibited on both sides of streets that have been designated as snow routes after 2 inches of snow has fallen and for 24 hours after its stops falling. 

Vehicles parked on a snow route will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense. Parking is also prohibited, as posted, on the north and west sides of all other residential streets after 2 inches of snow has fallen, and for 24 hours after snowfall has stopped. 

If snow falls during the night, vehicles parked in violation of snow parking restrictions will be ticketed. Refer to City Ordinance 13‐14‐1 for additional information. 

Residents may call 847-318‐6101 for a recorded message as to whether snow parking restrictions are in effect. 

Residents are advised to wait until after the plows have removed the snow before attempting to clear the driveway apron.  When removing snow from your driveway, place the snow either to the left or right of your driveway. Do not push or blow the snow into the street because this can result in hazardous conditions. 

Alleys are plowed if there are 4in of snow or more.

On garbage collection day, place your cans on your driveway, not in the street, allowing plows to clear snow up to the curb. 

The City appreciates your assistance!