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Park Ridge Fire Department Responds to 2800 Oakton for Coolant Leak

On Sunday February 19, 2017 at 1:54 a.m., the Park Ridge Fire Department was dispatched to 2800 Oakton, the Oakton Ice Arena, for a coolant leak. Upon arrival, two Park District employees and one contractor were outside. They described an issue with the cooling system for the ice pad that had resulted in the pressure relief valve opening and releasing Freon. The leak posed an asphyxiate hazard as well as a cryogenic hazard, so the three people present on site had evacuated the facility. Initial Fire Department responders wore SCBA and were able to enter the mechanical room without making contact with the Freon and locate and shut down three of the four valves necessary to mitigate the leak. Additional personnel were standing by in case any rescue was needed during the entry. The last valve that needed to be shut down was located near the leak and posed a health and safety risk to the responders for potentially coming into contact with the Freon. Closing the three valves took under two minutes. Once complete, both Firefighters exited the room and all personnel stood by until the arrival of our Department’s Hazardous Materials Team Leader. When he arrived on location, the Team Leader was able to assess the situation, and then he too donned gear and SCBA and entered with another Firefighter to close the last valve. This stopped the leak of Freon and all personnel cleared the scene. The facility was back in operation later in the morning on Sunday.

There were no injuries to Fire Department personnel, Park Dist. employees, the contractor, or the public in this case. The Fire Department reviewed the incident with Park District staff on Tuesday February 21st in order to address the incident and any future responses to the Park District facility.

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