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Petition for Unimproved Alleys

The City of Park Ridge has opened the Alley Petition Process for a pilot Green Alley Paving Program.  This program is for the construction of “green alleys” for those alleys that are currently gravel.  Green alleys have concrete edges and permeable brick pavers in the middle to promote infiltration and reduce the impact to the City’s sewer system.  Two alleys are budgeted this fiscal year for the pilot program.


Please click the following link for a petition for the alley program:

Alley Petition


The following is a summary of the alley paving process.  Please note that this process is done separately for each alley:


          Alley petitions are available on the City’s website or at the Public Works Office at City Hall


          Residents of the block are expected to organize circulation of the petition


          If the petition is downloaded and circulated, it then must be filed with the City before 5:00 PM on Monday, September 30, 2019


          If a majority of property owners along both sides of the alley sign the petition, the City will confirm the petitions and verify that the alley can be properly engineered.  Each property owner may only sign the petition one time


          Once this list is finalized, a public lottery will be held to determine the order of priority


          After the priority list is established by lottery, ballots will be sent to each resident abutting the first two alleys selected.  Estimated cost per property will be included in the ballot letter (Note: the City funds 50% of the total cost and the residents fund 50%)


          If a majority of property owners vote “YES” on the ballot (over 50%), the City will move forward with establishing a Special Service Area for each alley


          An Ordinance is passed proposing the establishment of a Special Service Area and a date for a Public Hearing is set.  A Public Hearing is held approximately 60 days after the proposing Ordinance is approved by the City Council


          After the Public Hearing, there is a 60-day waiting period where registered voters and property owners may file an objection against the Special Service Area.  An objection petition must be signed by more than 51% of property owners and registered voters with the relevant area


          If no objection is obtained, the City moves the project forward for design and construction


          Once constructed, the property owner’s payment will appear on their property tax bill starting a year after construction and continues for five (5) years


Once the signed petition is filed and accepted, the process will continue as described above.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Public Works Department at (847) 318-5228

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