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Parent Patrol Program

The purpose of the Parent Patrol Program is to build a partnership between community and police in developing a response to underage drinking parties. To provide a deterrent to initiating underage drinking parties.

A group of trained citizens (at least 21 years old) will be available on designated Friday & Saturday nights (9 pm to 1 am) to respond to in-progress underage drinking parties. The role of the party patrol is to observe the situation, assess the police actions taken and if requested by the police, to help contact parents of any underage teens. The Parent Patrol may assist in a follow-up visit with the parents.

Volunteers will be trained and issued a departmental identification card. Volunteers may either be stationary (responding from their home) or provide mobile patrol similar to our Citizens’ Patrol, or be stationary at the station.

The Parent Patrol will make observation of vehicles and teens in the area. Volunteers will not attempt to apprehend or confront any teens.

Volunteers are subject to criminal background checks.

Training Required (2 hours):

  • Understanding of Juvenile Law as it relates to UAD. Explain the difference between prosecutions of DUI vs. UAD. It will be important for volunteers to be able to support police in their ability to describe the law and rules surrounding adults vs. youth.
  • Understanding of adolescent addiction science as it relates to alcohol (brain development, increased addiction rates, etc.)
  • Understanding of local resources – counseling, drug testing, MCYAF
  • Understanding of their role to support and educate parents, not to preach, or condemn
  • Dealing with angry parents
  • Role-play

Roles of the Parent Patrol:

1. Foster a strong, collaborative and positive relationship between members of the police department, parents and their kids  of all ages.
2. Promote the safety and security of all members of the Park Ridge community.
3. Foster the highest degree of quality of life in the constituencies that make up the City of Park Ridge.
4. Increase communication between the department and the community, especially with our your people.
5. Achieve a greater degree of collaboration between the department and the community.
6. Help and assist families with situations involving underage alcohol usage.
7. Provide a positive adult presence at both school and community events.
8. Enable both police and parents to offer positive role models to our children.

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