Parkway Tree Planting

Parkway Tree Planting



Trees are a critical component of the City’s infrastructure that provide approximately $2.6 million in annual benefits. The community’s trees contribute substantially to the environment, health, and quality of life for Park Ridge residents, businesses, and visitors. They provide shade and reduce energy costs, intercept stormwater which reduces runoff and flooding, reduce air pollution, provide wildlife habitat, increase property values, and beautify the City’s residential and business districts, just to name a few. Therefore, it is the City’s goal to replace each tree lost to increase tree canopy cover and maximize the benefits that trees provide to the community.

Since 2016, 4,434 trees were planted in parkways throughout the city, increasing the parkway tree population by almost 4 percent.

The City purchases trees from Chicagoland area nurseries following the City’s procurement process. The City is currently contracted with Goodmark Nursery of Wonder Lake, Illinois through 2026. Each year, the City sources 20-30 different species and varieties of trees which are inspected and hand-selected by Forestry Staff at the nursery ensuring high quality, desirable trees to be planted on City parkways. Trees are dug each season at the nursery and planted by the City’s contractor. Trees are planted twice a year, in the spring (April/May) and fall (October/November).

shovels1After parkway trees are removed, locations with adequate planting space are placed on the reforestation waiting list. Residents will typically receive an application to participate in the Cost-Share Tree Planting Program within 6 months (the following planting season) after the tree is removed. Residents are provided a small list of trees to choose from and fulfillment is on a first come, first served basis. Trees are 2 inches in caliper and measure 7 to 10 feet in height (or more) depending on the species. The 2024 cost to participate is $140 (subject to change).

Residents may also opt-in to the cost-share program if they would like a tree planted in their parkway and adequate spacing exists. Parkway shade trees should be spaced 30 to 40 feet apart and located 10 feet from driveways, fire hydrants, and utilities. To opt-in, please call or email the Forestry Division. Please note: If you recently had a tree removed, you do not have to opt-in as tree removal/planting locations are automatically placed on the waitlist.

Spring cost-share applications are mailed in late-January and fall applications in early-August.

Spring 2024 Cost-Share Species List

Residents who do not participate in the cost-share program will automatically be placed on the waiting list for a complimentary tree. The current wait time for a complimentary tree is 1.5-2 years. Residents are notified by mail when they become eligible for a tree and Forestry Staff will determine the appropriate tree species and location based on site conditions.

Newly constructed homes and businesses are subject to a fee for the planting of parkway trees. This fee will be added to the construction permit fees. Upon completion of the construction project, trees in front of single or multi-family homes can be chosen by the property owner during the next available planting season. Trees in front of commercial properties, business districts, and medians will be chosen by Forestry Staff.