Parkway Tree Pruning

Parkway Tree Pruning

The City of Park Ridge is divided into six Urban Forest Zones (UFZ). Parkway trees in each zone are pruned by the City’s contractor on a six-year cycle (one zone each year), January through April. Preventative maintenance enhances tree health, safety, and aesthetics by removing dead, diseased, high-risk, and low hanging branches, as well as structural defects. Some trees require significant pruning and large branch removal at the time of pruning while others require very little work. Trees are pruned according to Forestry Division specifications and industry standards (ANSI & ISA). Residents are notified via mail a few weeks prior to the start of pruning on their street. 

The UFZ Map and tentative pruning dates can be found on the Forestry Division’s homepage. Tree pruning cycles may vary depending on the annual pruning budget. 

Parkway tree pruning requests can be submitted online via the Citizen Request Form. Forestry Staff will review requests in the order they are received and determine if off-cycle pruning is warranted.

Trees will only be pruned outside of their six-year cycle for the following reasons:

  1. Large deadwood or broken/hanging branches posing significant risk,
  2. storm damage,
  3. low branches blocking pedestrian or vehicular travel or causing a view obstruction,
  4. branches interfering with buildings, or
  5. other reasons determined by Forestry Staff.

Residents may hire a Certified Arborist, at their own expense, to prune their parkway tree if they do not want to wait until the next pruning cycle. A permit is required for pruning a parkway tree and pruning must be performed under the direction of a Certified Arborist in accordance with industry standards (ANSI, ISA). Applications can be found on the Forestry Division webpage and submitted online below or in person at City Hall.

Apply for a Forestry ROW Permit

All contractors must be registered with the City of Park Ridge. More information about contractor registration can be found on the Community Preservation and Development’s webpage.

Residents may prune sucker/water sprout growth along the trunk, if they can safely do so, without a permit.

ComEd performs routine, cyclical tree pruning on four-year cycles around power lines that run from pole-to-pole and may prune between cycles if there are other problems that may result in interruptions to electric service. ComEd employs professional contractors to perform line clearance work which is performed in accordance with ANSI A300 Standards and International Society of Arboriculture’s Best Management Practices. ComEd notifies the City and residents of its pruning activities in advance. More information about ComEd tree pruning is available on their website at

Residents are responsible for maintaining vegetation around their service lines running from the utility pole to the house. For your safety, never climb trees or trim trees that are located near power lines without taking necessary precautions first. Hiring a qualified contractor is a safer alternative. Contact ComEd for further assistance at (800) EDISON-1.

The City does not prune trees on private property. Residents are encouraged to seek the assistance of a Certified Arborist before conducting any tree pruning. While a permit is not required for pruning private trees,  the City’s Tree Preservation Ordinance does require that trees be pruned according to ANSI A300 Tree Care Standards. If any healthy Protected Tree is subjected to substantial destruction, the party performing the pruning shall be deemed in violation of the Tree Preservation Ordinance and subject to penalties including citations and fines.