Urban Forest Management Plan

Urban Forest Management Plan

In October 2016, after the completion of a multi-year tree inventory, Davey Resource Group, with assistance from Forestry staff, prepared an urban forest management plan for the over 20,000 trees located in the city parkways.  Click here to view the Management Plan.

The plan is divided in to three sections:

  • Section 1 (Tree Inventory Analysis) summarizes the data collected during the tree inventory and presents observations, results and trends.
  • Section 2 (Benefits of the Urban Forest) presents information about the economic, environmental, and social benefits that trees provide to the City.  This section also presents statistics from an i-Tree Streets benefits analysis for the City’s parkway trees.
  • Section 3 (Tree Management Program) utilizes the inventory data to develop a prioritized maintenance schedule and projected budget for the implementation of the recommended tree maintenance over a five-year period.

The City of Park Ridge’s tree canopy consists of 20,866 individual trees appraised at $23,350,000.  The inventoried tree population skewed towards larger diameter classes and its overall condition is rated “Good.” (see Management Plan for condition rating criteria)

The i-Tree Streets model estimated that the City’s parkway trees provide annual benefits of approximately $3,195,680.

  • Stormwater peak flow reductions: 36,761,815 gallons valued at $996,245 per year(31% of total annual benefits).
  • Aesthetic and other benefits: valued at $1,095,952 per year (34% of total annual benefits).
  • Energy: 4,058 megawatt-hours (MWh) and 547,866 British thermal units (therms) valued at $844,941 per year (26% of total annual benefits).
  • Air quality: valued at $143,554 per year (4% of annual benefits).
  • Carbon sequestered: 4,260 net tons valued at $68,568 per year (2% of annual benefits).
  • Carbon emissions avoided: 3,400 tons valued at $51,056 per year (2% of annual benefits).
  • Carbon released by tree decomposition and maintenance work: 309 tons valued at $4,637.
  • Carbon currently stored in city street trees: 60,000 tons valued at $900,131.

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