Winterization of Cross Connection Controls

Winterization of Cross Connection Controls

Cross Connection Control Notice: LAWN SPRINKLER WINTERIZATIONPark Ridge – The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) requires every water supplier to develop and implement a comprehensive cross connection control program for the elimination of existing cross connections and prevention or protection from all future cross connections on potable drinking water systems. Regulations are enforced to keep our drinking water safe.

Residential backflow preventers may be found on lawn irrigation systems, wet fire protection systems, hot water heating (boiler) systems, swimming pool fills, water features, etc. Backflow preventers may also be required if there is another water source on the site such as a well, pond, river, etc.

Please Note:
If your backflow preventer is located outdoors, remember to remove and store it someplace warm for the winter. Insulation and/or heat tape may be insufficient. Allowing it to freeze is a costly mistake.

Remember where you stored it, as you will need to give the backflow preventer to your lawn irrigation contractor or plumber next spring to re-install it. Plumbing Code requires that your backflow preventer be tested immediately upon re-installation every season. Annual tests must be performed by a certified tester and be submitted to the city’s contractor of Aqua Backflow for compliance through the online portal of

The Park Ridge Cross Connection Control Program is designed to safeguard public health. We ask for your cooperation with our program, its enforcement, and any requests for information that come from Aqua Backflow or Utility staff.