Current Water And Sewer Rates

Current Water And Sewer Rates

100% of all water and sewer rates paid by Park Ridge residents and businesses go directly toward the provision of clean, reliable drinking water and the safe removal of wastewater. The City is increasing water and sewer rates for only the second time since 2019, despite annual increases in the cost of water provided by the City of Chicago each year during that period; and despite increased costs of labor and materials associated with maintaining the system.  Important things to know about water and sewer rates:

  • The City buys fresh water from the City of Chicago (Lake Michigan). Chicago has raised the costs for the past four years.
  • Significant infrastructure improvements have been made to the Park Ridge water and sewer systems over the last 5 years. These improvements include Advanced Metering Infrastructure, major rainwater detention projects, water main replacements and sewer lining (which extend the life of sewers, resulting in long-term cost savings).
  • The general costs of labor, maintenance and replacements continue to increase.
  • Fixed rates will remain unchanged for 2024.
  • Water and sewer rates are adjusted to coincide with the first utility billing period that falls completely within the calendar year. Residents will see increases on March and April utility bills.
Rate Comparison:

  Prior Rates 2024 Rates
Sewer Fixed Charge $4.08 / billing period $4.08 / billing period
Sewer Rate:  $1.74 / 1,000 gallons  $1.91 / 1,000 gallons 
Water Rate:  $8.92 / 1,000 gallons  $9.81 / 1,000 gallons 

Water fixed charge per billing period by meter size (remain unchanged in 2024):

⅝” $10.16
¾” $10.16
1” $24.63
1 ½” $49.27
2" $78.82
3" $221.70
4" $492.65
6" $985.30