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Spring and Summer Bring Opportunities for Ruses and Scams

The Park Ridge Police Department wants to remind our residents that with the warmer weather, often comes opportunities for an increase in criminal ruse and scam operations. The most common include:

  • Home repair fraud-offenders cruise residential neighborhoods searching for elderly persons outside of their homes. Once located they approach the elderly person and offer to perform some type of home repair work (driveway seal coating, tree trimming, roof repairs etc.). These offenders may quote an extremely high price for the work and when the work is performed, it is substandard. For example, rather than using a true sealant for the driveway, they may spread used motor oil. While performing the work, members of the crew may burglarize the house.
  • Ruse Entry (Burglary)- After profiling the homeowner, usually an elderly individual, these offenders will approach the homeowner or knock on the door and claim to be a utility worker, city employee or a contractor. While one of the subjects keeps the homeowner busy, another will enter the home, undetected, looking to steal valuables.


How to protect yourself:


  • Never allow someone to perform driveway sealing or other home repairs on the spot. Ask for a business card to check the work history of the company and end the conversation as soon as possible. Do not deliberate or debate work that may need to be done.
  • Never allow an unexpected visitor into your home. If someone claims they need assistance, state that you will call the police for them. If they indicate they are with the City or a utility company. Advise them that you will be calling the respective agency to confirm the work.


City of Park Ridge - 847-318-5200

Nicor-1 888 642-6748

Com Ed-1-800-334-7661


  • If you are approached when working outside, do not allow unexpected visitors onto your property. They may attempt to walk into your back or side yard. Do not allow them to do so and advise them that you will be calling the police as you enter your home.


In any event, please do not hesitate to contact the Park Ridge Police when suspicious and unexpected visitors (workers, solicitors etc.) come to your home and are asking to do business or perform some type of service. If they are legitimate individuals working for a legitimate agency, they will never mind if you take the time to confirm the reason for their visit.

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