Beat Team Leaders

Beat Team Leaders

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The Beat Team Leader (BTL) system is designed to foster better communication between members of the department and the community. Five officers, one for each geographic beat, have been designated as the lead for their respective beat. This means that these officers will help to coordinate and be involved in all aspects of issues occurring in their beats. They may organize beat meetings throughout the year and will actively engage in working directly with their residents and business owners. To this end, these officers have been issued cell phones and will use the email address so they can maintain direct contact with their residents/business owners. Your BTL can be contacted directly by using the email address or the following numbers:
Area  Officer  Star #  Phone 
1 McGannon 170 847-800-9865
2 Pavone 132 847-800-8382
3 Leja 137 847-636-2992
4 Czworniak 109 847-204-8567
5 Moehrlin 164 847-863-4894

Residents and business owners are encouraged to contact their Beat Team Leader, by email or phone, when they have any questions or an issue that needs to be addressed by the department. That being said, if the issue is an emergency or crime in progress, residents and business owners should call 911 to request immediate police service.

Officer McGannon (8)

Officer McGannon (11)

Officer McGannon (7) Officer McGannon (6) Officer McGannon (10)