City Planning Documents

City Planning Documents

As City Plans evolve over the years, it can be helpful to explore past documents to understand how the City has changed over the years. The list and links below include a variety of City Planning Projects completed over the years.
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City Planning Documents10 documents

  • 1996 Comprehensive Plan
    document Header 1996 Comprehensive Plan
  • 2002 Uptown Plan
    document Header 2002 Uptown Plan
  • 2004 Dee Park Plan
    document Header 2004 Dee Park Plan
  • 2006 Executive Plaza Plan
    document Header 2006 Executive Plaza Plan
  • 2009 Higgins Road Corridor Plan
    document Header 2009 Higgins Road Corridor Plan
  • 2018 Bike Plan
    document Header 2018 Bike Plan
  • 2018 Economic Development Analysis
    document Header 2018 Economic Development Analysis
  • 2018 Market Analysis
    document Header 2018 Market Analysis
  • 2019 Maine-Northfield Unincorporated Plan (CMAP)
    document Header 2019 Maine-Northfield Unincorporated Plan (CMAP)
  • 2020 Sustainability Plan
    document Header 2020 Sustainability Plan