Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

Park Ridge is proud of the level of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) it provides. The Fire Department operates three state-of-the-art Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances (two operate 24-7 and one is in reserve). Also, all of its front line fire vehicles are equipped with complete Advanced Life Support medical equipment.

Almost all of the firefighters in the Park Ridge Fire Department are cross trained as paramedics.  The department responds to over 5,000 emergency calls each year and many of these are emergency medical calls.  When responding to these emergency medical calls, one ambulance responds with two firefighter/paramedics. Additionally, a fire vehicle (engine or tower ladder truck) will respond with three or four firefighters, most of whom are also trained as paramedics. This fire vehicle responds to emergency medical calls along with the ambulance for many reasons. Sometimes they are closer to the location of the emergency so they can arrive sooner and begin providing emergency medical care before the ambulance arrives. Also, during many medical emergencies there are many things that need to be done simultaneously, including giving intravenous fluids, administering medicine, getting a medical history and checking vital signs. A team of five to six firefighter/paramedics can accomplish these tasks much quicker than a two person crew which allows for quicker on scene treatment and rapid transportation of the patient to the hospital.

Approximately 65 % of all EMS calls require some form of Advanced Life Support services. The City maintains a highly trained staff, providing its paramedics with monthly training administered by a nurse educator from the EMS system and requiring 30 hours of continuing education each year, re-certification in CPR, and attendance at classes to enhance their skills and knowledge when offered.

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, located in Park Ridge, is a Level I (one)Trauma Center, which is the highest level available. Park Ridge is also very close to Presence Resurrection Hospital in Chicago. Patients are transported to either hospital quickly and efficiently. The Department responds to all emergency calls inclusive of dispatch time in 6 minutes or less 90 % of the time.

Park Ridge Fire Department's EMS Division is operated under the guidance of the Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Emergency Medical Services System and is licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health.