Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

The Department of Community Preservation & Development’s Environmental Health Division enforces the property maintenance and nuisance control regulations of the City. These regulations address the general upkeep and safety of structures and use, as well as noise, illumination, weeds, litter, and refuse. 

These standards are found in codes adopted by the City, and they are intended to prevent or correct the existence of such adverse conditions, and to achieve and maintain such levels of residential environmental quality, as will protect and promote public health, safety, and general welfare.  

Normally, City inspectors will issue a warning or a “notice of violation” when they discover situations inconsistent with City property maintenance regulations. These notices are issued to the property owner, who is then provided a timeframe (usually 14 days) to correct the issues. The property is then re-inspected, and if the violation has not been corrected, a fine is issued.  Fines can be contested through the City’s adjudication process.  

Issues that commonly result in warning or fines are:

  • Weeds. Warning issued for grass over 8 inches
  • Refuse containers in view of public way
  • Brush collection – Should be tied together, 4 feet long, 2 inches diameter
  • Litter or debris on the property
  • Inoperable vehicles